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 Dior Johnson Turns Into ANKLE SNATCHER & Makes Defender TOUCH THE EARTH!! Josh Christopher SNAPS! Ballislife
6 days ago
Josh Christopher and Dior Johnson put on an absolute show yesterday in the Sonora Tournament against Troy.
7 days ago
Josh Christopher and Dior Johnson led Mayfair to a very intense win in last night's matchup against Los Alamitos. They play again ...
 Dior Johnson is the TOUGHEST PG in High School!? 😤 LeBron James Favorite Point Guard SLAM HIGHLIGHTS
2 months ago
Arguably the best point guard in high school basketball, it's without question Dior Johnson is the toughest. The New York native ...
8 days ago
Josh Christopher and Dior Johnson are one of the most exciting duos in the country! Last night they both led Mayfair to a dominant ...
 1v1 King of The Court: Josh Christopher vs Dior Johnson GO AT IT AGAIN!! Mayfair Runs Ballislife
2 months ago
Josh Christopher, Dior Johnson, Tezz Cobbs and the Mayfair squad had a yet another 1 v 1 king of the court session. The Mayfair ...
 Dior Johnson Is THE BEST 15 Year Old Point Guard!! Even LeBron Is Impressed! Official Mixtape! Ballislife
3 months ago
Dior Johnson official mixtape volume 1. The 15 year old point guard out of NYC has one of the most exciting games in the nation ...
 Josh Christopher & Dior Johnson Are TOO MUCH To Handle For The Average Defender!! SHEESH!! Ballislife
8 days ago
Josh Christopher and Dior Johnson led Mayfair to the easy win over La Serna last night.
 GAME OF THE YEAR! 🔥 Sharife Cooper & McEachern vs Josh Christopher & Dior Johnson 🤯 SLAM HIGHLIGHTS
13 days ago
This game lived up to the HYPE! Sharife Cooper and McEachern won this one versus a tough Mayfair squad, 87-79.
 Jalen Green & Dior Johnson Are a SUPERSTAR DUO! Day In The Life w/ Oakland Soldiers Ep. 1! Ballislife
5 months ago
The Oakland Soldiers are one of the most storied AAU teams in the nation. Their list of alumni players include LeBron James, ...
 Dior Johnson SUMMER MIXTAPE! Best 15 Year Old Guard in the WORLD! Courtside Films
3 months ago
2019 Courtside Films Fall Camp - October 5th! SIGN UP LINK: https://www.courtsidefilms.com/2019fallcamp 2019 Courtside Films ...
 MOST HATED Dior Johnson Makes ZERO Friends On The Court! ❌Jaygup's New Teammate Wants All The SMOKE! Overtime NXT
2 months ago
Class of 2022 guard Dior Johnson has a different type of bag. Bro was showing all the moves this summer playing on Lebron ...
 Josh Christopher & Dior Johnson PLAY ANGRY!! EliteMixtapes
8 days ago
In their second game of the season, Josh Christopher and Dior Johnson made it look EASY catching bodies and snatching ankles ...
 Sharife Cooper vs Josh Christopher GETS HEATED!!! Sharife Drops 44 Points!! Josh Goes Drops 36!!! Ballislife
13 days ago
Sharife Cooper & McEachern faced off against Josh Christopher, Dior Johnson and Mayfair in an epic showdown! Sharife finished ...
6 days ago
Josh Christopher and Dior Johnson have been leading Mayfair all week in the North Orange County Championship Tournament.
 Josh Christopher Drops 45 POINTS ON HIS BIRTHDAY!? Championship Game BATTLE vs Ian Martinez!! Ballislife
4 days ago
Josh Christopher dropped 45 points against top ranked Ian Martinez (32 points) and J Serra merely hours before his 18th birthday ...
 SHIFTY 14-Year-Old Dior Johnson has 10+ (!!!) D1 Offers 👀 | SLAM Profiles SLAM
1 years ago
14-year-old Dior Johnson has shifty handles, a tenacious attitude on the court and a wet jumper. Can Johnson be New York's next ...
 Dior Johnson is a CHEAT CODE! 😈 Strive For Greatness stays Undefeated in Vegas! SLAM HIGHLIGHTS
4 months ago
Dior Johnson loves to prove the haters wrong! This kid was unstoppable tonight without Bronny in the backcourt. Devontez Cobbs ...
 Dior Johnson & Josh Christopher Are TEAMING UP!!! Their FIRST RUN TOGETHER!! Open Run Was LIT! Ballislife
2 months ago
Josh Christopher has 2 new teammates this season on Mayfair in Dior Johnson and Tezz Cobbs! We got to see this trio play ...
 Josh Christopher & Dior Johnson GO CRAZY against ALUMNI at Mayfair MIDNIGHT MADNESS!! SLAM HIGHLIGHTS
26 days ago
Mayfair held a scrimmage night for fans to see a preview of the basketball team this year. Can Josh Christopher and Dior Johnson ...
 NBA 2K20 - High School Hoops 2K20 - Josh Christopher & Dior Johnson (New Jerseys) Da InFaMous NY
12 hours ago
NBA 2K20 - High School Hoops 2K20 - Josh Christopher & Dior Johnson (New Jerseys) #NBA2K20 If you want to support my ...
 Josh Christoper Vs Dior Johnson 1 v 1 King Of The Court Was Lit!! Who Had The Better Moves!? Ballislife
2 months ago
Josh Christopher, Dior Johnson and the Mayfair squad played a bunch of 1 v 1 King Of The Court during their exclusive open run ...
 2022 Five-star guard Dior Johnson Interview Football Basketball Recruiting
2 months ago
Top 5 player in the 2022 class Dior Johnson is teaming up with 2020 five-star Josh Christopher for his high school season.
3 months ago
Here are Dior Johnson's highlights with Strive For Greatness this past summer. Make sure to follow HoopDiamonds on all our ...
 Josh Christopher, Dior Johnson, and Devontes Cobbs SNAP on Trash Talkers!? 🤬 SLAM HIGHLIGHTS
1 months ago
The Mayfair "Big Three" were tested early yesterday, but responded with plenty of highlights against local LA programs in a ...
 He Tore the Rim Off the Backboard?! 😱 Mayfair Open Runs are INSANE! SLAM HIGHLIGHTS
2 months ago
Josh Christopher, Dior Johnson, and Devontes Cobbs of Mayfair are going to be a show all season long. They're already proving ...
 15 Year Old Dior Johnson Highlights From Big Time Vegas! TOP PG In 2022?!? Courtside Films
4 months ago
2019 Courtside Films Fall Camp - October 5th! SIGN UP LINK: https://www.courtsidefilms.com/2019fallcamp Follow Us On Social ...
 Josh Christopher & Dior Johnson GO CRAZY In Their 2nd Fall League Game!! Mayfair Big 3!! Ballislife
1 months ago
Josh Christopher, Dior Johnson and Tezz Cobbs went off during the League by Compton Magic yesterday! This was their second ...
 Dior Johnson Was GIVING OUT BUCKETS ALL WEEKEND!! | #1 PG Makes DEBUT with LeBron's 15u Squad HoopDiamonds
7 months ago
Dior Johnson made his debut with LeBron's Strive For Greatness squad this weekend in Indy, teaming up with Bronny, Skyy and ...
 Dior Johnson is a WALKING HIGHLIGHT! 📸 Official 2019 Summer Mixtape BallerTV
2 months ago
Dior Johnson is a WALKING HIGHLIGHT! The flashy combo guard exhibits creative ball handling ability, is a blur in transition, and ...
 Dior Johnson Hits The MEANEST JELLY of The Summer!! Best 15 Year Old AAU Squad In America!? Ballislife 2.0
5 months ago
Strive For Greatness might be the best 15U AAU squad in the nation after they re-loaded. Dior Johnson, Skyy Clarke, Tezz Cobbs ...
 Dior Johnson vs JuJu | 2019 Hoops Showdown NJ Hoop Recruit
6 months ago
Two of NYC's top pg's square off in a SPICY 2019 Hoops showdown finale. Follow us: https://www.instagram.com/njhooprecruit/ ...
 LeBron James Jr & Dior Johnson Bounce Back! SFG Wins Last Game At Peach Jam EliteMixtapes
5 months ago
Filmed/edited by Bryce Lanning. Follow @EliteMixtapesTV on IG.
 15 Year Old Dior Johnson EYBL Atlanta Highlights! 5-Star Freshman Playing 17U!! Courtside Films
7 months ago
Courtside Films June Camp! SIGN UP LINK: https://bit.ly/2SIo0vO Follow Us On Social Media! Twitter: http://bit.ly/2zHv7dJ ...
 Josh Christopher & Dior Johnson SHUT IT DOWN Last Night! Combined For 51 PTS In Mayfair 2nd Game! 🔥 Overtime NXT
8 days ago
Jaygup & Dior are the SHOWTIME of high school basketball. Last night they played their second official game together and ...
 He LITERALLY BROKE THE RIM!! Josh Christopher, Tezz Cobbs & Dior GO CRAZY at Open Run!! Ballislife
2 months ago
Josh Christopher, Dior Johnson and Tezz Cobbs were back at it during the Mayfair Elite Runs by coach Michael. Mayfair has been ...
 Dior Johnson Had A CRAZY SUMMER & Is Just Getting Started! FULL SUMMER HIGHLIGHTS! Ballislife 2.0
3 months ago
15 year old point guard, Dior Johnson, full summer highlights playing for Strive For Greatness. -------------------------------- Follow Us ...
 Strive For Greatness SHOWS OUT in South Florida! Dior Johnson & Skyy Clark Dominate 😤 SLAM HIGHLIGHTS
5 months ago
After scoring 104 points in their Balling On The Beach debut, Strive For Greatness ended Saturday 2-0 in South Florida. Dior ...
 "That Boy Fierce!" Dior Johnson Basketball Shooting Form Breakdown| JP Productions JP Productions
2 months ago
Join the Gang & Subscribe! Follow MEE! *Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/xjpproductions/ *Twitter- ...
 15 Y/O Dior Johnson & Marquis Get LeBron OUT HIS SEAT w/ NASTY DUNK! SFG vs New Zealand Squad! Ballislife 2.0
4 months ago
Strive For Greatness might be the most entertaining 15U squad we've ever filmed. -------------------------------- Follow Us On Social!
 New Recruit Media LLC presents: 6'2 PG DIOR JOHNSON 2022 / 17U OAKLAND SOLDIERS New Recruit Media LLC Nix
5 months ago
CHECK out 15 year old DIOR JOHNSON putting work in at the 17U level for the 2019 NIKE EYBL SEASON. #FOLLOW ...
 The Rise to Fame for Dior Johnson HoopFocus
3 months ago
SUBSCRIBE! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOvu0lmbJlWZ0Tnlf7zynAw MERCH! https://shop.spreadshirt.com/hoopfocus/ ...
 dior johnson "A" day Training video! Christopher Raymond
2 years ago
DIRXCRM WATCHIN IN HD BOOK YOUR NEXT SHOOT! i do not own rights to the song!
 Josh Christopher & Dior Johnson Two Of Americas Most Hated BUZZER BEATER FINISH! qwik11hoops
21 days ago
Mayfair Monsoons had their first annual Monsoon Madness event and Josh Christopher and Dior Johnson showed us what to ...
 #1 PG DIOR JOHNSON makes it look EASY at PEACH JAM 2018 with Sprained ankle New Recruit Media LLC Nix
1 years ago
New Recruit Media LLC presents 6'1 PG Dior Johnson 2022 / MADE HOOPS / SLAM HS / PEACH JAM 2018 / NIKE EYBL 6'1 PG ...
 Josh Christopher & Dior Johnson VS SCRAPPY PG Spencer Hubbard! Mayfair V Harvard-Westlake HIGHLIGHTS BallerVisions
1 months ago
Mayair & Harvard Westlake go at it at the final weekend of the league! Josh Christopher heats up from deep, Dior Johnson pullup ...
 Dior Johnson Goes Up Against a New Zealand Squad!? Strive For Greatness Is Final Four Bound! 🇳🇿🚀 SLAM HIGHLIGHTS
4 months ago
Dior Johnson continues to cook up defenses! This international matchup was tough! These kids from New Zealand are HOOPERS ...
 Bronny James CAN'T BELIEVE What He Just WITNESSED! Dior Johnson DESTROYS Opponent qwik11hoops
3 months ago
Bronny James witnessed his Team Strive for Greatness Squad come away with another win, but it was the ending that really was ...
 Bronny James GETS MAD @ D1 NYC Player! Dior Johnson Finishes LIKE A PRO qwik11hoops
4 months ago
Bronny James gets mad in this game against D1 NYC and it wasn't close when Dior Johnson turned on the the jets! Team Strive ...
 New Recruit Media LLC presents: 7th Grade 5'11 PG DIOR JOHNSON 2022 New Recruit Media LLC Nix
2 years ago
New Recruit Media LLC presents: 5'11 PG #DIORJOHNSON 2022,#Teaser #SEVENTHGRADER ...
 Keeping up with the Soldiers @sportswithri Rianna Dizon
8 months ago
After the Oakland Soldiers' first practice, Rianna Dizon catches up with Dior Johnson, Jalen Green, Je'Lani Clark, Brahjon ...
 Dior Johnson IS ONLY 15 & TOO Hard To Guard!! Strive For Greatness Puts on a SHOW AGAIN!! Ballislife 2.0
4 months ago
Dior Johnson is one of the toughest 15 year old players in the country as he showed us yet once again today. Bronny sat one most ...
 Dior Johnson Is TOUGH. No. 1 PG in the Class of 2022?! - Official Summer 2019 Mixtape Bleacher Report
3 months ago
Five-star class of 2022 point guard Dior Johnson went off this summer. Teaming up with Bronny James and Strive For Greatness, ...
 Dior Johnson and Strive For Greatness Hit Em' With a 30 PIECE!? 🚀 SLAM HIGHLIGHTS
4 months ago
Dior Johnson was a HOOPIN' today and is proving to be one of the best prospects in the 2022 class. The New York native was ...
 Dior Johnson of Saugerties 53 point game Section2Basketball.com
10 months ago
Video clips of all 18 of his made FG during 12/27/18 game.
 HS Hoopers Brought BANDS to NYC?! 💰 | SLAM Point 'Em Out SLAM
3 months ago
Just know if you're going on a date with Jalen Green that you're gonna be munching on pizza pockets. We brought in him, Josh ...
 Jalen Green & Dior Johnson TEAM UP To Make BEST BACKCOURT In Nike EYBL!? Ballislife
8 months ago
The 2019 Oakland Soldiers squad is looking scary! With Jalen Green and Dior Johnson leading the way on the backcourt ...
 "14 year old Dior Johnson IS THE NEXT KYRIE IRVING, AVERAGED 30 points! Session 4 EYBL" New Recruit Media LLC Nix
1 years ago
Let's all agree that #MEMPHIS might be that "New" "New" #Blueblood with the addition of Penny Hardaway. Dior Johnson has ...
 Who's your FAVORITE Sophomore!? Emoni Bates, Dior Johnson, & More! SLAM HIGHLIGHTS
28 days ago
The class of 2022 is already gracing the covers of Sports Illustrated, as Emoni Bates is the face of the Sophomore class. But the ...
 6'2 G DIOR JOHNSON 2022 / #1 FRESHMAN in AMERICA / IMG / NYSTOP24 New Recruit Media LLC Nix
1 years ago
NYSTOP24 β€œSometimes it just be like that” #1 Ranked Guard in America for the class of 2022 6'2 Dior Johnson 2022 ...
 Thanksgiving Shootout: McEachern & SHARIFE COOPER vs. Mayfair & JOSH CHRISTOPHER and DIOR JOHNSON SUVtv
13 days ago
For more information or to contact us to broadcast your event, Visit: www.theSUVtv.com.
 SLAM SUMMER CLASSIC VOL. 2 WAS A MOVIE! Dior Johnson vs Juju! Sharife Cooper, Jon Kuminga, and more! Courtside Kim
3 months ago
Dyckman Park 2019 Jalen Green, Jaden Springer, Kyree Walker, Jonathan Kuminga, Dior Johnson, Zion Harmon, Sharife Cooper ...
 Bronny James WINDMILLS Like LEBRON!! SFG Get TESTED vs TOUGH 15U Team But PUT UP A FIGHT!!! Ballislife
5 months ago
Strive For Greatness featuring Bronny James, Dior Johnson, Skyy Clark, Jah Jackson, Tezz Cobbs and co faced off against Team ...