8 Biggest Equipment Mistakes I Golf Monthly

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 21, 2019
  • ► Neil Tappin looks at the 8 biggest equipment mistakes a golfer can make and offers some simple advice on how to resolve the issues!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/-1XGO9VgGyE


  • glanemann


     18 hours ago

    So basically, get fitted for an entire set from driver to putter.

  • Tom DieBold

    Tom DieBold

     2 days ago

    Or get a L.A.B. Golf Directed Force putter which is lie angle balanced, and you'll be getting more putts to rattle in the bottom of the hole than ever before.

  • Jamie Thomas

    Jamie Thomas

     5 days ago

    Very informative, thanks

  • Jeff Smith

    Jeff Smith

     7 days ago

    The price of clubs these days is nauseating. I just bought new irons and was fitted for them, cost me $1,500+. There is a major disconnect between the governing bodies of golf and the manufacturers that needs to change. The RNA and USGA try to grow the game, make it appealing to the masses, speed it up, etc. The manufacturers make it near impossible by pricing out a huge swath of potential players, by bringing out new clubs multiple times a year in some cases, and then asking you to spend another $100+ to be fitted for the club. Eventually it's going to impact the pro game because parents won't be able to or willing to make the investment it takes to get kids into the game. When the pool of players lessens, the product at the highest level will suffer. $550 for a new driver is an absolute joke and the golf media needs to speak out about it. Then add the cost of a fitting onto it and you're asking people to spend over $600 on a driver that will be considered old in a few months.

  • Elaine Davis

    Elaine Davis

     14 days ago +2

    If you’re a senior and you can’t reach the par 4, you’re teeing off from the wrong t box. Move up! Who cares?

  • Jred Hamilton

    Jred Hamilton

     21 days ago

    Shaft flex. Many of us get it wrong, how do we get it right?

  • alan carlyon

    alan carlyon

     28 days ago

    Great advice!

  • Marc


     28 days ago

    Mistake #9 : Never take into account the swing weight and the MOI of your clubs at the time of buying new ones.

  • dave Slickpack

    dave Slickpack

     1 months ago +1

    Mistake #1. Too many ads to continue watching!

  • Agpjaymeg Goode

    Agpjaymeg Goode

     1 months ago

    I think the right ball is a VERY important part of your game!!!!

  • colin tapp

    colin tapp

     1 months ago

    All good advice but what about Golf Balls?

  • Joely


     1 months ago +1

    #1 mistake was watching this video. Buy some clubs , find your swing, play ready golf and have some fun. Jeez.

  • MrVaultGuy111


     1 months ago +1

    Thanks. I just got into golf recently and these are important tips to keep in mind the more involved I get.

  • James Nunn

    James Nunn

     1 months ago

    so, everyone get a fitting is what I hear?

  • Michael Britton

    Michael Britton

     1 months ago

    You mentioned that one putter is played with an ark and the other is straight back and through I have a Sorenson putter wood. How would you recommend playing this one please

  • The Egocentric Predicament

    The Egocentric Predicament

     1 months ago

    I think the number one mistake here was those pants. Way too tight🤔

  • Jack Blake

    Jack Blake

     2 months ago

    So much nonsense in this video that people hear and believe. The way a putter balances has no effect on where you hit it. If I swing either of those putters he was balancing straight back and straight forward keeping the putter perpendicular to the ball the entire way I will get the exact same shot. The weight of the putters would have to be a ridiculous amount more to feel any kind of pull from the balance of the putter. Also the nonsense of "At some point you will be hitting your 4 iron longer then your 3 iron" is just stupid. If the three iron is longer with a lower loft then it is impossible for you to hit the 4 iron longer given the exact same force applied at the handle and the same point of contact. The head of the three iron will be traveling faster due to the larger circle. Just scientifically impossible. So tired of nonsense controlling the air waves and people gobbling it up.

  • Sloe Bone

    Sloe Bone

     2 months ago +2

    I buy my wedges new and everything else used.

  • Liam Francomb

    Liam Francomb

     2 months ago

    1st biggest mistake
    Is believing the Marketing Bullshit, regarding club technology, club fitting etc.

    Just hit the ball, go look for it and hit it again.

    That's how golf is supposed to be played

  • Just Hustle

    Just Hustle

     2 months ago

    Fittings are a fucking sham. I’ve done 3 driver fittings based on shot monitors then I followed up at a different store with a range. Spin was way to high. I just what I’ve been doing for 25 years. Hit it until it was better then what I had. Fitting is a waste of money.