Wake Up In The Morning - Indie Quarantine Song | Kenny Sebastian

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 3, 2020
  • Feelings...lots of feelings...

    Pandemic...Lockdown...Future...Sofas...Bread...Polar bears...

    Hence this music video that no one deserves but needs.

    Director, DOP & Editor - Kenny Sebastian
    Executive Producer - Namit Nath
    Colorist - Chevlyn Fernandes
    Online - Mehek Malhotra & Yohaan Pissurenker (Giggling Monkey Studio)
    Offline Assistant - Akshay Gade

    Produced & Mixed by Nisthula Murphy & Dishaan Gidwani (Maaya Sound)

    Additional Musicians:
    Vocal Harmonies- Jay Kshirsagar (Shenpa)
    Percussion- Yuvaan Makkar (Shenpa)

    Mastered by Tamzid Rahman at Space Cat Studio, Mumbai

    Special Thanks - Raica Mathews, Zeenat Rajkotwala, Abhishek Oswal, Mehtab Singh

    Extended version of the song "Wake Up In The Morning" from the Netflix Comedy Original "The Most Interesting Person in The Room (2020)" by Kenny Sebastian.


    Listen to the song on Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/track/6JkoMPEMnDQaJJxeND7z46?si=TDvz7YHJRH6CF8kypWjFNg

    Special Thanks to Prateek Kuhad.

    If individuals have felt a certain connect with the vibrations of this song, Provided below are the words of this ballad.


    I got so many feelings
    But no one to talk to
    Cause I got no friends


    I wake up in the morning

    (In the morning)

    I stand on my feet

    (Where do I stand? On my feet)

    I go to the living room (it’s a pretty living room)

    I sit down on a chair


    And I can fly over the rainbow

    I can dream another dream

    I still got feelings...
    Enough for a second verse.


    Then I go to the bathroom

    (Flush flush flush)

    Who is that ? It’s me. It’s a mirror.


    As I sit, on the pot, falling into a slumber

    As I wake to see, the door. it is open.


    And I can fly over the rainbow

    I can dream another dream

    Why was it open?

    Why was the door open?

    Why was it open?

    I remember closing it.


    And the windows are all I have
    To see what’s left out there.

    As I open the door , it’s empty and cold....

    I don’t have much to give.


    I can fly over the rainbow.

    I can dream another dream.

    (End Chorus)

    So many showers so few dreams.

    So many showers so few dreams.

    What type of friends I seek?

    I don’t know anymore


    My feelings are all I need.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/-4juyZYjLeg