‘Fresh' Lasagne is Actually FROZEN then Microwaved! | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 27, 2017
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/-5uebIQorsg


  • Digital car Guy

     2 months ago

    “If its not fresh we don’t sell it”Five mins later“Just because it’s not fresh doesn’t mean it’s bad”

  • L Miya

     2 days ago


  • Andizu1

     2 days ago

    @Chad K yeah, the harder they shout, the less fresh it will be. In this case the lasagna probably was 6 months old....

  • TheGamingBaconator

     1 months ago

    "Guy's from Scotland. The fuck's he know about lasagna?"Clearly more than you.

  • Karynna Hill

     an hour ago

    Ogi the sergal Gordan is actually Scottish but raised in England.

  • Voltage Digital


    Bitch Lasagna

  • MC King

     9 days ago

    "And that's homemade?""I'll f*cking dance in this restaurant naked if it's homemade."


     2 days ago

    @Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang 👌😈👌

  • Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang

     2 days ago

    @ALLY BOSS09 it actually is tho the food was homemade Just frozen and microwaved and using crap ingredients smh

  • Jasmine Chea

     27 days ago

    GR: the lasagna was uniqueOwner: :)GR: *uniquely shit*Owner: >:(

  • Da OG boi JG

     2 days ago

    @Matthew McLain Ok, Down Syndrome kid.

  • no no

     4 days ago

    @Matthew McLain ok dad

  • Fuad Ahmed

     1 months ago

    " How can it be the soup of the day when it's the soup of yesterday?" Aaaaahhhh!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂MISSION IMPOSSIBLE

  • MilantheBarbie

     59 minutes ago


  • its me

     4 days ago

    Mission failed; we'll get em next time

  • brats_4u_avr 1

     1 months ago

    I have a feeling that guy thinks fresh means not decomposed yet

  • TheNugler

     8 hours ago

    I love the comments on these videos

  • I C

     3 days ago

    Or just slightly decomposed...

  • Maddie Jayne

     1 months ago

    “He’s going to be doing cartwheels when he tastes the food” Gordon after one bite *THaTS FucKinG HidEOUs*

  • Justin Y.

     4 days ago

    More like his stomach will do cartwheels after eating that food

  • Rakvalen Sypher

     4 days ago

    *cartwheels into kitchen*"your food is shit"

  • Mr Monzy

     8 days ago

    Owners: The food is great!Gordon: it’s f*cking crap!!Owners: *surprised pikachu face*

  • TMP Speedfreak

     21 hours ago

    The food is good, the food is v-Uniquely shit

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  • I'm. not. Famous.

     5 days ago

    “Who is he? A health department critic?”Legit shuts down everything when cooked meat Is next to raw meat, so yes.

  • Big Chungus

     3 days ago

    Nah he's only the best chef in the world

  • John Carlo Malaluan

     11 days ago

    Microwave:"exist"Gordon Ramsay: Im gonna end this man's whole career.

  • DumbDuck44

     3 days ago

    *eats a spoonfull of spices*Gordon Ramsay: This is bland!

  • meme hunter

     10 days ago

    Its good if the food was made on that day reheat it. But if it was made 2 days oh boy...