CYBERNETICS | Cyberpunk Mix

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 23, 2018
  • It's all connected...Bandcamp Reviews: SWIM - Jade Dreamscape3:32 Inexedra - Cyberkinetic9:18 Daniel Deluxe - King Cyborg13:25 Predator Technique - Tellus17:05 Compilerbau - Fragments of Bach III21:38 Com Truise - Polyhurt26:47 Speed Machine - Cybertronic29:43 Ray Gun Hero - Across the Grid34:55 Baali Soda - Destination Oasis38:35 Flashworx - Futurisma45:05 DW4V3 - A Way Back Home50:30 Ferus Melek - Decay of the MainframePhotography by Michel Catalisano#cyberpunk #darksynth #synthwave #retrowave
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  • Thomas Smith

     2 months ago

    I think I will use the music here to help me write my book. It is a cyberpunk horror series. I just finished Chapter 1 and I am stoked to see how inspired I can get.

  • Anubis Plays

     26 days ago

    @Lead Faith I'll be sure to keep you posted then

  • Lead Faith

     26 days ago

    You had better advertise this, I would love to read something like that!

  • Odin Allfather


    This is the perfect mix for inspiration writing my cyberpunk book also. The beats helped Verge City © come alive and the cast is now taking shape and augmentations being installed.

  • Liv French

     2 months ago

    What a gem. Can't believe so few people have seen this.

  • The Neon World

     7 months ago

    Dude That's A Great Selection Thank For The Upload Awesome Tracks

  • Beckley Crackers

     2 months ago

    initiate optic functions...central cortex, now onlineice & barrier breakers, locked & loadedtarget(s) acquired, ready to execute procedures upon order

  • sentryogmixmaster

     2 months ago

    no cyborgs or androids were harmed in the making of this mix.

  • Данил Яковлев

     2 months ago

    Let's Cybernetics, duuuuude

  • Kommodor63 Neutral

     2 months ago

    Excellent work, Compilerbau - Fragments of Bach III is stuning!subbed, liked.

  • Kimberley

     2 months ago

    Dang only 120 upvotes since November. Time to add mine.

  • Jimmy Sumner

     2 months ago

    You had me at the first note 👏