Hermitcraft 6: Episode 6 - THE BASE BEGINS!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 11, 2018
  • Hermitcraft 6: Episode 6 - THE BASE BEGINS! welcome back to hermitcraft in this minecraft video we are making farms, touring a base and doing our first subscribe dive! Should be fun! I am away at the moment and this video is prerecorded. I will return with more frequent hermitcraft after the 14th. Also it was my birthday while I am away so happy birthday to me!Featured hermit: https://www.faceclips.net/user/AhlViktorYou can find a full list of the other hermits here: http://www.hermitcraft.com#minecraft #hermitcraft
  • Source: https://youtu.be/-CbqtTAMe1A


  • LavenderHunee


     4 months ago +2174

    if Grian understood redstone he would be too powerful

  • Selkiezzz


     2 months ago +592

    Grian then: i am so bad at flying
    Grian now: builds elytra course with still the best score

  • Virologiclmp Lklklk

    Virologiclmp Lklklk

     8 months ago +1345

    Anyone else awful at Redstone??

  • startrek03


     5 months ago +1331

    Watching this in the future, knowing Grian is currently one of the best flyers on the server, is kinda funny

  • iskall85


     a years ago +3053

    Had a lot of fun this day! :D Thanks for the kind words

  • Caine Mattison

    Caine Mattison

     4 months ago +732

    HermitCraft is an anomaly of a minecraft server. I mean a minecraft server where you can TRUST people? I mean, c'mon guys like that's ever gonna happen.

  • Ponce Juergens

    Ponce Juergens

     1 months ago +95

    Iskall: don’t flick lever.
    Grain: flicks lever
    Guardians: activate instant kill mode

  • Chrono


     a years ago +1005

    GRIAN, you should make a zoo on the hermitcraft server and make the others pay to get in.

  • YxNg EMX

    YxNg EMX

     2 months ago +209

    Grian: Later NERDDD!
    Iskall: You’re flying the wrong way!

  • Penguin King

    Penguin King

     3 months ago +627

    Pretty futuristic
    does not know basic redstone

  • Karen Lau

    Karen Lau

     1 months ago +140

    Not a soul:

  • angry boi

    angry boi

     8 months ago +300

    It makes me ANGERY when I don’t get my daily serving of sea pickles...



     11 months ago +397

    No wonder Biffa is having a look around your base. You’ve just recreated Biffa’s Bowl from Season 1 Hermitcraft.

  • icxd.tae


     9 months ago +176

    Grian: Looks at potato
    eXcUsE mE- SIR!
    Potato: -.- yes it is I, Sir Potato-

  • Naomi Beattie

    Naomi Beattie

     1 months ago +59

    notice how he references ‘tomorrow grian’ and ‘today grian’ like a lot?

  • Pancake Pankake

    Pancake Pankake

     2 months ago +69

    Grian loves Minecraft
    Grian loves hermitcraft
    Why did he pick Futurelistic
    No one knows

  • xisumavoid


     a years ago +2746

    Thanks for the free redstone Gee aaR Ian! ;-)

  • Nils Rahmqvist

    Nils Rahmqvist

     10 months ago +87

    Iskall means ice cold in Swedish, and he's got a really powerful Swedish accent.

  • djuna demer

    djuna demer

     3 months ago +41

    i was really wondering if i wanted to catch up on this whole series (seeing as i just became a fan/found your channel) and the answer is YES! ITS SO AMUSING LMAO

  • WCBF Kid

    WCBF Kid

     a years ago +131

    20:11 Does he do a barrel roll??