I Gave My Boyfriend An Extreme Body Makeover

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 3, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/-DB0371zC6c


  • Michelle Khare

     5 months ago

    Hey guys!! I hope you loved episode 2 of our series :) HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! We are so excited to share that we are opening up submissions to the show! If you are interested in being on an upcoming episode of Extreme Body Makeover, full instructions are posted on my INSTAGRAM! ➡️https://instagram.com/michellekhare/

  • The One

     14 days ago

    You guys are relationship goals

  • Whyntir

     24 days ago

    Cannot find instructions. Need halp

  • Eva Liu

     5 months ago

    Train Safiya Nygaard before her wedding!

  • miranda.jeanne

     10 days ago


  • bil’s boi

     18 days ago

    Kayla Baker what did they say?

  • Laura Serrano

     5 months ago

    Safiya and Tyler for their wedding!!

  • flclub54

     1 months ago

    @kpop-lemonade Mel yeah cause a " # " is so much cringy than a personal question from a stranger 🙄

  • kpop-lemonade Mel

     1 months ago

    @flclub54 # are sometimes cringy. Like who the . Uses # for commenting. I mean I agree to you but # for me are cringy (my opinion) so basically what u said is ur opinion

  • Coryl Addy

     5 months ago

    can we see follow-ups of them 3 months or 6 months later? if they've gotten to a maintenance and what their routines are like now?

  • Stephanie Reyes

     5 months ago

    Boyfriend sounds like Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon. I can’t un-hear it 😅

  • Taylor Anne

     2 days ago

    Stephanie Reyes or JD (Jason Dean) from the 1989 Heathers movie

  • john smith

     3 months ago

    Now, I can't UNTHINK it, lol!

  • Dylan Thornton

     1 months ago

    Safiya or shane dawnson. They would be two awesome people for a video.

  • Truptee Banerjee

     5 months ago

    *chanting*Safiya Safiya Safiya

  • Claire

     5 months ago

    She lurves him! Just look at the way she looks at him, she’s always smiling! ❤️🥰

  • Rachel Manning

     5 months ago

    Claire 18:03 and loves torturing him 😂😂😂 the best sign of a perfect relationship 😂

  • Reshme Subramaniam

     5 months ago

    I love how Michelle's like "I'll support you, but i'll also kick your ass." Lol, that's a loving relationship right there

  • Wow Fabba

     3 months ago


  • Wow Fabba

     7 days ago


  • lowerletters

     16 days ago