‘Fresh Eggplant’ Was Actually Made THREE WEEKS AGO! | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 14, 2017
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/-DIRSVahTMc


  • Hey_ Courage

     6 months ago

    Instead of talking about Andrew's face let's talk about why the eggplant was 3 weeks old.

  • Diego Garcia


    Anthony sounds like bugs bunny and Elmer fudd

  • Spooky Demon

     20 days ago

    Andrew is fine as hell lol

  • Sierra Kay

     4 months ago

    Awh, poor waiter was probably so nervous making that salad.

  • Matej The Iron

     7 hours ago


  • Marie Gold

     21 hours ago

    I always make salad and i always wash it..

  • Unimportant Commenter

     4 months ago

    “What’s he havin’?”“He’s ha-““Don’t talk to me just write it down”

  • nayan k

     3 days ago

    Its always good to write it down

  • Green eggs and DAMN GIRL U FINE

     11 days ago

    Over 2.3k like

  • xxFandom Girlxx

     a months ago

    “How old is he?”“47”“He looks way older”“Stress”“jEsUs”

  • Keonna Braxton

     2 days ago

    @Benjamin Veldhuizen i thought they said 27 too

  • Benjamin Veldhuizen

     5 days ago

    I thought he said 27 i was like wtf

  • Justin

     2 years ago

    I feel bad for the poor waiter he was about to lose itAll he wanted was to make a salad

  • Matej The Iron

     7 hours ago


  • SomeGuyWithMtnDew

     5 days ago

    @SHOOKy윤기 yeah yaeh i re-read it

  • Chesco

     4 months ago

    *My mudda & fudda end up fwying the eggplant."*

  • Tomato

     23 days ago


  • cyn

     24 days ago

    Thank you for this comment.

  • MaxRinu

     2 months ago

    “8 minutes for nothing”Andrew: *dies*

  • Thr264 s

     4 days ago


  • Jotaro The ThoT slayer

     6 days ago

    Za warudo Gordon: 8 minutes have passed

  • hobne im

     9 months ago

    i wonder if andrew has read the comments for this

  • Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang


    @Call me Disappointment r u female

  • Call me Disappointment

     6 days ago

    @za karrim finally someone said it. I was waiting for this moment since i made this account lol. I love you (platonically)

  • Fidel Castro

     2 months ago

    Errybody gangsta till gordon ramsay takes a bite of literally anything

  • ItzSavv

     3 days ago


  • MyKeyVengeance13

     17 days ago

    Fidel Castro agreed

  • Anita M

     1 months ago

    "It's impossible to be here at 11 in the MAWNING"

  • Anderson Dalmeus

     8 days ago

    @Anita M he seems like a nice guy

  • Anita M

     8 days ago

    @Anderson Dalmeus lmaoo