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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 9, 2019
  • Babies are just little humans that dont know anything its kinda funny lol
    If we reach 30,000 likes Ill make more videos on kids :)
    Kids being dumb:
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  • Emma burgane

    Emma burgane

     12 hours ago

    He tap it in to hes mouth😂😂😂

  • Shister Shook

    Shister Shook

     21 hours ago

    Not trying to be rude but can u stop talking when the vid is on.thx

  • Thomas Rivera

    Thomas Rivera


    1000 Times

  • kurdish the last

    kurdish the last


    I'm laughing at you

  • coolmauro 1

    coolmauro 1

     3 days ago

    lol funny

  • plants vs zombies pro

    plants vs zombies pro

     3 days ago

    That baby played the piano so good 👏😆

  • Angela Holiday

    Angela Holiday

     4 days ago

    messyourself how your grandpa don't love you messyourself that's very sad messyourself

  • Lauren Stockwell

    Lauren Stockwell

     4 days ago +1

    At 5:27 messyourself farted lol idc he our BFF

  • oof boi

    oof boi

     5 days ago

    10:21 if funny

  • ita irawan

    ita irawan

     5 days ago

    Hahaha 😂

  • Jenny Duvall

    Jenny Duvall

     5 days ago +1

    Did anyone notice that messyourself had makeup on

  • bixy


     6 days ago


  • tricster #1

    tricster #1

     6 days ago

    Has the kettle finished boiling yet?

  • Harukaworld


     7 days ago +1


  • Lisa Martin

    Lisa Martin

     7 days ago

    3:14 dog whistle

  • M Duarte

    M Duarte

     7 days ago

    I pooped my pants ----> 2:19

  • Littlebubbaman S

    Littlebubbaman S

     7 days ago


  • jessica goveas

    jessica goveas

     7 days ago

    Messyourself : ha ha ho ho

    me : hhhhhhhha hhhhhhhha. Hhhhhhhho. Hhhhhhhhhhhhho

  • Jordan Everson

    Jordan Everson

     7 days ago

    It's a yellow minion not a pink minion

  • kotek 333

    kotek 333

     7 days ago