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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 8, 2018
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    In my Real Doctor vs. TV Doctor medical drama review video, I promised that if you got that video to 10,000 likes I would record myself reacting to a full grey's anatomy episode. You got it to 20,000 likes! You have spoken and I have listened. You should know that I do get the question a lot from patients as well. Is grey's anatomy accurate? So I finally decided to take a dive and find out!

    In this video, I sit down and watch the first ever Grey's Anatomy episode. Basically, a real doctor reacts to greys anatomy! I grew up watching ER and other TV medical dramas so I had a suspicion I would enjoy the show. I have to say this, greys anatomy is not medically accurate but the way it describes the characters as residents is very accurate. The hospital drama is real and I feel the show did a good job highlighting the difficulties of being a resident, inside the hospital and out. The one medical scene which totally threw me is when the surgeons automatically assumed that the seizure patient will need surgery before even coming to a diagnosis. That is not real life medicine.

    It surprised me that the show is actually very entertaining and I actually enjoy the drama between McDreamy / Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey. Apparently, TV doctors do have souls haha. The hospital romance is real!

    Get this video to 15k likes If you want me to do another doctor reacts to greys or doctor reacts to the good doctor or any other show. Please comment down below the name of your favorite show and episode. Love you all and appreciate the support!

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  • Genesis Cruz

    Genesis Cruz

     2 hours ago +1

    I died when he said “why fingers?”

    “Finger” then he holds it up lol

  • Sig t

    Sig t

     3 hours ago

    Omg. I wish he was my doctor lol..Move over McDreamy...there is a new Dr. in town.

  • Jamaican Sagittarius

    Jamaican Sagittarius

     4 hours ago

    You are a sexy doctor 🥰

  • Karma Lastly

    Karma Lastly

     4 hours ago

    Cough cough....i need a check up all of a sudden.

  • Dr Mofazzal

    Dr Mofazzal

     12 hours ago

    Without checking whether its a shockable and non shockable arrest giving defibrillate has shocked me

  • meabby


     13 hours ago

    the way he says "the romance is real" with that look on his face. hahahaha

  • madyjules


     22 hours ago

    Thank you for mentioning how important nurses are!!!!!

  • connor ladley

    connor ladley


    the thing ab the 80hrs a week... later in the series it talks ab that

  • M



    ur a mcdreamy

  • yasmin mendes

    yasmin mendes

     yesterday +1

    16:29 If grey's anatomy's lead role was him i'd watch it 95626994532856 times

  • yasmin mendes

    yasmin mendes

     yesterday +1

    15:09 lmaoo

  • yasmin mendes

    yasmin mendes

     yesterday +1

    this would be my exact same reaction if i ever see dr mike irl

  • Mims Thirties

    Mims Thirties


    When I go to a doctor I need to focus on diagnosis, treatment, etc. I am sure he is a good doctor, but I can't have this man as my doctor. He is too gorgeous and I would NEVER be able to focus.

  • Drew Cey

    Drew Cey


    Do the good doctor!

  • Christine Lloyd

    Christine Lloyd


    no hate or anything but you have to remember that this was in 2004 not in 2018 and they try and make it interesting and short enough that is why it is sometimes very dramatic and short

  • Baker Street

    Baker Street


    My god he's so handsome

  • Valerie Torrence

    Valerie Torrence


    The hospital in my city (where my kids were born, so I've spent plenty of time there) actually has REALLY good food, so I feel really lucky about that lol

  • Broadhead Brotherhood

    Broadhead Brotherhood


    Please watch inside combat rescue

  • SterlingCatharis Xx

    SterlingCatharis Xx


    im not joking, when you upload a video, I look at my sis and say, “McDreamy uploaded a video!”

  • Heheh Hehehe

    Heheh Hehehe


    😂 all the people ended up in stretchers 😆 McDreamy and Meredith/Dr.Grey/Grey didn't know that they worked together but I mean yeah that was after they woke up and stuff but the night before it was a one night stand