Obama to Romney: U.S. Uses Less 'Horses and Bayonets' Today - Presidential Debate 2012

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 22, 2012
  • Final Presidential Debate 2012: President challenges GOP presidential candidate's assertions on military spending.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/-IW6PwJYcOc


  • Fantastic Abdul

    Fantastic Abdul

     21 hours ago

    Back in a day when debates were so fun and interesting to watch without any canidate interrupting the other one..

  • Alexander The Great

    Alexander The Great


    Democrats should nominate another woman and ensure another 4 years for Trump.

  • Cory Edwards

    Cory Edwards


    Obama was too nice or too focused on time, he could have murdered Romney for the dumbass comment on not being able to be in two conflicts at once

  • mister E

    mister E


    Both are globalist shills. Trump2020!

  • Joe G

    Joe G


    Im here because Trump is saving America. Bye Bye CIA and FBI.
    Trump is the most unorthodox president because he is to a politician. Please change your views. Look at Cali and NY gun laws. Do you want Chuck or Nancy. Destroying our constitution because xionist control there pockets.

  • YVES potvin

    YVES potvin

     2 days ago

    ships that go under water ????????????

  • Jon Z

    Jon Z

     2 days ago

    Obama got so many passes... everyone does realize he was wrong in this debate about sequestration and the bayonet reference? Also, medicare is due to go bankrupt in 2026, Obamacare was a major failure to stop the storm that is coming. It was an awful time in America to pass a law that was a new welfare program. There were a lot of non partisan reforms available to Obama that could have pushed the coming bankruptcy back by a decade.

  • larry potts

    larry potts

     2 days ago

    Obama is a Marxist from the tip of his toes up to his big floppy ears and elected by morons.

  • Da Real G

    Da Real G

     2 days ago

    I think Romney had the upper hand.....until obama retort with horses and beyonets. I think thats where the killing happened....bruised ego! Unfortunately egos are not tangible substance otherwise THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN BLOOD EVERYWHERE!

  • Fabi zip

    Fabi zip

     2 days ago

    I'm not even American but I still miss Obama so much

  • Thomas Smith

    Thomas Smith

     2 days ago

    Actually, Obamacare is a lot like Romneycare, the healthcare law in Massachusetts. Look it up.

  • Maisha Nubah

    Maisha Nubah

     3 days ago


  • YungstarProd


     3 days ago

    You remember when debates used to mean something?

  • Cyril Paul

    Cyril Paul

     3 days ago

    "we visited the website quite a bit and it still doesn't work" that had me rolling

  • Tyler Godspeed

    Tyler Godspeed

     3 days ago +1

    3:06 SPACE FORCE BABY!!!

  • TheBasicHeim


     3 days ago

    What is Duck Philips doing as Presidential candidate

  • jonathan bell

    jonathan bell

     3 days ago

    The U.S. should stop picking fights and trying to police the world, they can't afford it. So worried about being on top but they're just making things worse for themselves.

  • Joe S

    Joe S

     3 days ago

    Both of these are terrible people. Trump got rid of obongo care, and upgraded our military. Romney on the other hand did run business's. He worked for a company that bought small corporations, stripped them down and sold them off. The people who ran those companies, and worked for them for 30+ years were stripped of there pensions and had nothing to live off of once they retired. He took there money and pocketed it for himself. He is greedy shit head. DOn't let his guise of religion fool you. Most overly religious people are always evil in some way and they use religion as a way to fool you into thinking they are good. Because all they have to do is talk to god and ask for forgiveness. Anyway, this isn't about religion. Romney made his money by make people homeless, and money less. This is all available online to read, Look up on wikipedia, Mitt Romney and under where it says Private equity is it all listed for you to read. Donald J trump is my president and I am proud to have him serve us.

  • scott mckenzie

    scott mckenzie

     3 days ago


  • Timothy Smith

    Timothy Smith

     3 days ago

    Damn i miss Obama being in office. 😭