The Greatest Story Ever Told Part II

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 23, 2013
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    In this episode we take a look at where our modern technology came from.

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  • Kieron White

    Kieron White

     3 days ago

    What a brilliant channel, so well done, great stories, great narrative, well done who ever you are, I just subscribed, love it man

  • RedDragonGamingHD


     3 days ago

    More than 5 years later and we have notches, but smartphones still don't even touch the performance of mid-high end PCs

  • M M

    M M

     4 days ago

    You are Brilliant !!!!!

  • Skeptic Nerve

    Skeptic Nerve

     6 days ago

    Wow, this information laden video is old. Magnificent.

  • Mr T

    Mr T

     7 days ago

    they gave him a IPOD :-D uhahahah

  • Let's Simplify

    Let's Simplify

     7 days ago

    This video is 6 yrs old woah!

  • Øystein


     7 days ago

    With the first iPhone the ONLY thing that was new on a phone was multi touch. Everything else (and more) we already had for years. And still people claim it to be a revolution.. People really forget how limited the first 2-3 models actually was.
    I laughed hard at the first iPhone models. They had so much lacking from them it was a disaster in my opinion. I swapped it out for something more usable after just 2 weeks.

  • naisi


     14 days ago

    Seeing Steve Ballmer laugh the iPhone out of the door in that Bloomberg interview is a hindsight to behold.

  • Terrio Lancer

    Terrio Lancer

     21 days ago

    That skating dog / that ball guy / that riding up tree guy lol

  • Cezary Rodziewicz

    Cezary Rodziewicz

     21 days ago

    I think you did not mentioned about Linus Torvalds in Part I and Part II.... Some dark chapter? ;)

  • Ich Bin

    Ich Bin

     21 days ago

    I don't get it. Apple was doing well by this point. Microsoft's lifeline and the launch of the iMac/iBook series brought Apple back on the map! The iPod only further skyrocketed their profits.

  • Akshay Rawat

    Akshay Rawat

     28 days ago

    great stuff there. :)

  • LLlap


     28 days ago

    I reeally doubt PCs will go out. A lot of thigs are way way way better with proper controllers and multiple big screens

  • Thorondor


     1 months ago

    Watching this on a Nokia ^_^

  • theory8sf


     1 months ago

    Beautiful and well made video! It Makes me happy to be alive!

  • theory8sf


     1 months ago

    When I discovered Youtube back in 2007, I knew this website would be a game changer!

  • Tay Jones

    Tay Jones

     1 months ago +1

    Your channel teach more about history than regular tv, keep them coming love your channel. I just subscribed!👍

  • g davis

    g davis

     1 months ago

    the founding of the iPhone, caused the competition to build android based phones. the high price of iPhones financed the continual upgrades of it & the android in lockstep behind it, then surpass it, then viola expensive phones for all

  • Steven Attema

    Steven Attema

     1 months ago

    Very good

  • FishHead


     1 months ago

    How does he not know how to pronounce NOKIA?