Why People Are Freaking Out About Ariana Grande, Marcus Hyde, Kim Kardashian, Facebook, & More

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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    Today’s Stories:

    Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian Speak About Photographer:
    Facebook to Pay $5 Billion Fine:
    U.S. Politics Updates:

    More News Not Included In Show Today:

    Judge Rejects Juvenile Sentencing for 4 Michigan Teens in Fatal Rock Throwing Case:
    N.Y. Is Trying to Stop a Fake Heiress From Profiting Off a Series About Her Crimes:
    Pennsylvania School District Threatens Foster Care Placement Over Lunch Debt:
    NJ Judge Who Spared Teen Because He Was From a “Good Family” Steps Down:
    Senate to Vote on Victims Fund Bill:
    Berkeley To Remove Gendered Language From City Code:
    Was an Iowa Official Asked to Resign Over His Love of Tupac?
    Jury Finds an Iowa State Official was Discriminated Against:

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    Produced by: Amanda Morones, Brian Espinoza

    Art Director: Brian Borst
    Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton
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  • Philip DeFranco

    Philip DeFranco

     5 months ago +1012

    Happy Wednesday, ya Beautiful Bastards! Here are those timecodes! Hyde (00:43), TIA (5:35), Facebook (7:36), Politics (13:39)

  • bloodydove5718


     4 months ago

    I think the general public cares a lot about their privacy, the general public is just ignorant of how much they're sharing because they're ignorant about being proactive about things they care about in general.

    I know a lot of people would then ask "If they arent more proactive about it, then do they really care?", and the answer is yes. When given the option to do or not do something like... sharing your personal email with the whole world, most people would be like "No.". And we all know thats one of the slightest things thats shared with unknown people throughout most of the online services we use.... The problem is... most people are too ignorant and lazy to read the things given to them about the permissions they're allowing.

  • evilkitty2007


     4 months ago

    I personally don't care, basically at this point, in the year 2019, to some extent you should be aware that you have no guarantee of privacy on any information available on the internet. At this point if I don't want anyone to know it it doesn't go online, period.

  • Chaos Knight

    Chaos Knight

     4 months ago

    16:10 The way you said that made me think you were being sarcastic until I saw the headline pop up.

  • martialme84


     5 months ago

    "...brought to you by my own damn self!"
    I love that.
    Dunno exactly why, but... you go, Phil!

  • Shattered Rose

    Shattered Rose

     5 months ago +1

    Wow. Two rude self centered thots in one thumbnail? This gonna be juicy.

  • JustPassingThrough


     5 months ago

    I feel like Mueller is just this tired old man who did his part and just wants to be left alone now. Or a rich guy who actually has like, no reason to complain. I'm honestly not sure which, or if it's a little of both. Anyway, obviously Trump is guilty of more than enough to warrant both his ejection from office, and his arrest. Which reminds me. Here you guys go! https://impeachdonaldtrumpnow.org

  • JustPassingThrough


     5 months ago

    Although I'm glad to see at least SOME measure of accountability and reform hitting Facebook, I still want to see entities like Cambridge Analytica be hunted down and dissolved. They are the real enemies here.

  • JustPassingThrough


     5 months ago

    Glad monsters like Hyde and his ilk are being exposed. Keep it up!

  • Abi W.

    Abi W.

     5 months ago

    hey if spending is out of control mayyybbbeee take some money away from the military? Maybe stop spending on wars that we shouldnt have started?

  • Madison Wadsworth

    Madison Wadsworth

     5 months ago

    Only thing uglier than the Kartrashian sisters is those ugly disgusting lab creations they call children. North was hideous but compared to the rest, its kinda tolerable. It wasn't cute by any means but nobody really expected anything good from it/your down. You and kanye are two of the ugliest creatures I've ever seen, atleast until your spawns came along. People were hoping they'd be beautiful because "brains" was out of the question, but then they saw the first kartrashian offspring and it only got worst, with that Jenner bastard "hurricane" or whatever kylie's little boy is named. So fucking ugly it's tragic, and to think... you guys had the audacity to judge others when you're all fat retards.. except Khloezilla. That's a specimen still being studied.

    We'd invite you back to the Hamptons but... everyone made fun of you and your obese ugly sisters and basically banned you from ever filming here. We could purchase you and you're entire family with our pocket change, don't ever come back you disgusting illiterate orange midget.

  • Just Another Happy Humanist

    Just Another Happy Humanist

     5 months ago

    You don't know how typical this is in the modelling industry. I basically ended my whole career because I wouldn't sleep with a famous photographer. He threatened to destroy me and said I'd never work again. I was so disgusted I didn't even try, just left modelling altogether.

    This was when I was in my early twenties. I'm in my thirties now. I wish social media had been larger back then...though even then, I probably wouldn't have had the courage to tell others what he'd done. There really wasn't anything I could do. I did tell someone in the industry - a man who I thought would be sympathetic, whose company I'd previously worked for - but he told me that I should have slept with the photographer, because he would have advanced my career. Ugh. And that's not even mentioning all the other creepy bullshit I had to put up with by other predatory people in that industry.

    I hope this generation of models, with their increased access to social media, and the recent MeToo Movement, can help end this bullshit for models of the future.

  • Vam Monaco

    Vam Monaco

     5 months ago

    Rand Paul did the right thing, John Steward is a mindless puppet of the Hollywood elite. When will we get actors out of US politics?

  • Zamiiz


     5 months ago

    I believe people generally really do care about privacy and such, however to change settings and protect ourselves is too much effort as well as having one login through Facebook is just too convenient for most

  • godlymana


     5 months ago

    Loving the show!!!

  • Lord Keltain

    Lord Keltain

     5 months ago

    Because nothing screams innocent like deleting your social media accounts and not responding to anything or denying allegations.

  • agafaba


     5 months ago

    Oh shit, a bunch of people are calling me out for all that creepy shit I did to them, what should I do?

    *Delete/restrict twitter account*
    Aaah there we go, problem solved.

  • john dominic

    john dominic

     5 months ago

    You should grow a beard

  • DiscGolfHunter


     5 months ago

    Hire women photographers and that should fix the issue.

  • Anna Klein

    Anna Klein

     5 months ago

    Phil- it is so important to talk about things that are difficult and evil (first story), but please please have a warning of the content when you talk about sexual assault, especially when there are descriptions of it occurring in the story. If the warning would have been there, I would have skipped it.