Who are my favorite youtubers? (TOP 5)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 26, 2019
  • I didn't know what to record for this video, but since I had been watching youtube pretty much all day, I decided that it might be interesting and fun to talk about who I'd consider my top 5 favorite youtubers. It was hard to decide, because I watch over 120 youtube channels depending on my mood, but ultimately, it came down to who I look up to most and whose content I've been a fan of for longest. And the people who are in this video have inspired my channel to keep growing, get out and explore more, and ultimately be the person I am now. Hopefully you like some of their channels as well! #favoriteyoutubers #bestyoutubers #talkswithzach

    Steezy Kane-


    Exploring with Josh-

    Yes Theory-

    Joel Clayton-
    Music- Thank you Hydro!
    Hydro is a good friend of mine who I found through a music discord server, and I've begun using a lot of his clips in sit down videos because they are not copyrighted (as long as you give credit) and they are actually really good. Despite only having about 200 subscribers, I recommend everyone check out his channel page and listen to some soundtracks!

    Hydro- Fantasy
    Hydro- Evolution
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