LANY - Thru These Tears (Official Video)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
  • Listen to 'Thru These Tears' -

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    Music video by LANY performing Thru These Tears. © 2018 Side Street Entertainment LLC, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited
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  • Uyen Le

    Uyen Le

     25 minutes ago

    Crying in the corner. :(

  • Yanyan Francisco

    Yanyan Francisco

     7 hours ago

    Dua Lipa,thank you next. 🤣😏

  • perfect places

    perfect places

     15 hours ago

    ok but am I the only one whose chest literally started aching because of the first scenes because jesus seeing paul like that although being completely aware that it’s not real just breaks my heart

  • I Want Kim Jong-Un To Kill Me

    I Want Kim Jong-Un To Kill Me

     19 hours ago

    Lucky Prince's music was in the ad! The internet is being ruined by comnercialism

  • Myung Ji Kim

    Myung Ji Kim

     21 hours ago

    I love lany music style. It feels like I start something.. but this song made me cry.

  • Hachikoo1414



    Am I the only one who misses Paul's long hair? 🌹

  • RomelJay456_YT



    It reminds me of my ex cuz she fake me....

  • Budo Masuta

    Budo Masuta

     2 days ago

    So you had to fuck someone else to feel normal? FUCK YOU! If you ever did or do that, you never loved the person you were with.

  • Laesa McInerney

    Laesa McInerney

     2 days ago

    Oh wow. I had no idea I was supposed to go away. I guess you will not see this either.

  • Ahmed Iftikhar

    Ahmed Iftikhar

     2 days ago

    It reminds me about greys anatomy

  • Tegie Magistrado

    Tegie Magistrado

     3 days ago

    I cant stop crying 😭😥😥

  • Cheetan Gupta

    Cheetan Gupta

     3 days ago

    cool song

  • Cess Banzon

    Cess Banzon

     3 days ago


  • Gaming with feeders

    Gaming with feeders

     4 days ago

    love it :D

  • M A Y O R A

    M A Y O R A

     4 days ago




     5 days ago

    Duaaa what the hell do you do with this amazing guyy!!

  • MICKIE Carreon

    MICKIE Carreon

     5 days ago

    The Today show brought me here. I loved the song when he performed it there. ❤❤

  • Applejuice 142

    Applejuice 142

     6 days ago

    This song is relaxing and sad too, but still good, me like LANY.

  • Jaz ASAP

    Jaz ASAP

     7 days ago

    Is it me or songs like this only gets through Philippines 😂

  • Barry Mulano

    Barry Mulano

     7 days ago

    the transition ot pre-chorus to chorus are so amazing, Lany's songs are so unique, i loved this album