7 Vanilla WoW Rare and Expensive Items that will return in Classic.

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 22, 2018
  • 0:48 Freezing Band
    3:09 Edgemaster's Handguards
    5:36 Flask Reciepes
    7:53 Ace of Beast/ Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon
    10:07 Lionheart Helm + Titanic Leggins
    11:31 Green items of spellpower and healing
    13:20 Teebu's Blazing longsword

    Hello Everyone, Frost here. Welcome back to a new classic wow video. In every MMO there are rare items that people are willing to pay huge amounts of gold for, or sometimes even real money. Classic wow is abundant in such treasures and today we're going to discuss seven of them, explaining where to obtain and why they worth so much. This should serve as piece of information, a little bit of knowledge to carry with you in the upcoming classic release, because it would be a shame to find yourself in a position owning one of these items and not knowing the value of it. Knowledge is power and power is to be wilded wisely. Without further adue, lets explore. First pick in our list is the Freezing band, one iconic vanilla wow item that is highly desired by mages. A level 47 epic ring that can be obtained as a world drop with passive 10 frost resistance, 14 frost spellpower that will get buffed to +21 in later patches and finally the magic behind this item; 1% chance of inflicting 50 frost damage to the attacker and freezing them for 5 seconds. The estimated price for a freezing band is anywhere between 400 and 800 gold depending on your server economy. In world of warcraft Edgemaster's Handguards are lvl 44 epic mail gloves with + 7 weapon skills. These gloves are highly desired by fury warriors due to the reduction of the glancing blow penalty from the weapon skill bonuses. They are purely PVE gloves with an average price between 700 - 1000 gold which is insane for vanilla wow but apprently people are willing to pay.

    In vanilla flasks we're designed to be the strongest form of consumables, at least most of them. The flask of titans offered 1200 hp, Distilated wisdom 2000 mana and supreme power 150 spell power. All this lasting for 2 hours with it's effect persiting trough death. There is no secret, alchemists made a lot of gold from crafting the flasks but one thing stood between an average and a rich alchemist - The flasks reciepes. Well, maybe the black lotus aswel but that's a different story.

    Darkmoon Card Blue Dragon. This piece of jewel is from vanilla days when casters barely had any mana regeneration in combat. Trinkets like these we're the way to go. And Blue Dragon was one of the best healing trinkets in game, altough some shadow priests and affliction warlocks found a way to use it as a dps trinket since mana issues was not a topic locked for healers. Like many other items with proc chances in vanilla the darkmoon card seemed not to have any internal cooldown and according to some old bug reports it used to proc even from crafting bandages.

    Lion's Heart and Titanic Leggins Recipes.

    Early vanilla these plans we're very rare and the lucky blacksmiths who got their hands on them... we're set for making alot of gold without to much effort. Due to the rarity of the plans people asked for enormous crafting fee's from 50 to even 150 gold.

    Green Items The high level green items usually above lvl 55 used to have random bonuses upon drop. A system where if the RNG gods we're in your favour you could have hitted the jackpot obtaining an item with a value from 500 to 3000 gold.

    Teebu's Blazing Longsword. The sword compared to other gloving items actually generated a light source, much like the offhand lanterns and torches. Most weapons that "glow" are fully visible in the dark, but they don't actually illuminate the surrounding area. Not so with this weapon - it casts a warm light onto your character, nearby walls and objects

    Thanks for watching, this video! Hope you enjoyed it!

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  • Brutal Wang

    Brutal Wang

     21 days ago

    I haven't seen the dragon finger of healing with anything more than +18 healing. Does it really come with up to +33 in Classic?

  • Damien Beckham

    Damien Beckham

     a months ago

    Def not BIS for pvp, but it's extra sexy if your raids are caster heavy, because Ring of Spellpower is a long way off lol.

  • Jonathan Skoog

    Jonathan Skoog

     a months ago

    Is Healing Power calculated the same as Spell Power in terms of 3.5 second rule? (cast time)/3.5 = % of total

  • Sambojanglez


     a months ago

    I love how you said and wrote in the graphics distilated wisdom instead of distilled thats dedication! Love your vids man~

  • Honig Son

    Honig Son

     a months ago

    teebu sold for 8,4k on venoxxis eu within 2 hrs

  • ink_loves_you


     a months ago

    Got bracers last night elegant band of frozen wrath +21 and put them up in the ah for 15g. I was listening to this like wait, what have I done? rushed to log on to see someone bought them and spamming them in trade for 370g FML

  • VirulentSkills


     2 months ago +3

    Where are you getting that greens ignore the 3.5 sec rule from? I've scoured the internet and can't find any info on this other than this vid and the battle.net forums talking about this vid.

  • Yew Craynian

    Yew Craynian

     2 months ago

    The economy on his server must be absolutely nuts because there's not a single person on my server that would pay even half of what he was listing some of those items for. Even on a server with an extremely healthy economy I just cant see any of those selling for those prices. Then again I'm not very familiar with private server stuff, but hey, there's a sucker born every minute they say.

  • Chairman Meow

    Chairman Meow

     2 months ago

    My friend had dual freezing bands and it was pretty tight tbh

  • MaMa DeW

    MaMa DeW

     2 months ago +1

    LBRS beast????

  • Жанболат Мырзашов

    Жанболат Мырзашов

     2 months ago +1

    Man, I had the ring and the strategic hancuffs but I sold them to vendors cause I thought they were not good

  • BookCade NB

    BookCade NB

     2 months ago +1

    Great video but I think you greatly overestimate the prices these items will fetch. World Epics (pre-end game) are already dropping and only fetching 10's of Gold for prices. Certainly that's due to Classic being so new again and nobody even has an Epic Mount yet (due to cost) but I don't see items going nearly as high as what you're stating.

  • Hannes Z. Edel

    Hannes Z. Edel

     2 months ago +1

    I did not quite get how those green spell items BYPASS the scaling ratio based on cast time. Could someone elevate my mind?

  • Tim Leonard

    Tim Leonard

     3 months ago

    just be a mage and charge people food and drinks

  • Milan Tepavicharov

    Milan Tepavicharov

     3 months ago

    More numbers man xD
    P.S on screen, writen

  • Robert Sides

    Robert Sides

     3 months ago +16

    But will I rediscover the rarest item of all? My childhood

  • madscientist916


     3 months ago +1

    I'm making either a shadow priest or warlock twink at 49 on classic. The spellshock leggings are going to be my downfall, either farming for them or trying to find them on the AH.

  • urcatmeow


     4 months ago

    Really enjoy watching your videos. And now waiting for classic release is even harder

  • Jakub Libiak

    Jakub Libiak

     4 months ago

    Can anyone explain why the green items bypass the spell power coeff? He mentioned that that is the reason why those green wands were broken and lasted thru whole vanilla

  • Alistair Bolden

    Alistair Bolden

     4 months ago

    ive seen people charge 300gold for lionheart craft fee.