The Scariest Dream I Ever Had

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 31, 2018
  • This is the most terrifying dream I ever had. Mama seeks...

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    A loop I made
    and Kevin McLeod
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  • MrEJPlayz


     2 hours ago

    4:17 I hate you so much I watched this part while going to sleep

  • Cheese burglar

    Cheese burglar

     2 hours ago

    I can’t join the discord kinda sad

  • Olivia Huff

    Olivia Huff

     3 hours ago

    Ok! So..... I watched this before and I remember that it said something like “It came to life...” or something... IS THAT TRUE! I know I watched this! But it’s been so long T^T So, sorry if i’m wrong. I about to watch it again.

  • Bakugo Chill out

    Bakugo Chill out

     4 hours ago +1

    Aw man! I can only count to 9!

  • Sean Hughes

    Sean Hughes

     5 hours ago

    Have u ever had a nightmare and u wet da bed having a if so make a video about it

  • Daria Zykova

    Daria Zykova

     6 hours ago

    wait how does the game end

  • Manimation


     6 hours ago

    i was actually scared

  • The Wyvern Warrior

    The Wyvern Warrior

     6 hours ago

    Not gonna lie
    After I watched this video I went to sleep
    And I dreamed of my mom being all creepy and had to do with that game
    I woke up suddenly and looked all around my room cause I thought I would see my mom just looking down at me like in my dream

  • MrStonecoldmfer


     8 hours ago

    I have this really scary dream I have at least twice a year and what happened is what it does is there's a games and is a game when you put on headphones when it plugs into the phone when it's in the game you get transferred to another world and her whole family there so it was super scary and there's things that would want to attack you and thinks I would not want to attack you then what would happen is you you can actually feel things and that's just basically it but there is a other thing okay I will keep doing when I'm in the comments in this vidio

  • Briannas FNAF singing battles

    Briannas FNAF singing battles

     8 hours ago

    4:13 FUCK YOU that scared the shit out of me

  • creeperplayz


     8 hours ago

    4:13 yo im supposed to be asleep!!!! And I can't not watch a video at 11 pm

  • Linkbar999


     9 hours ago

    I’m so playing that in school

  • Blanca Murillo30

    Blanca Murillo30

     9 hours ago +1

    Adam:When it catches it's victims it turns into said victims mom

    Kids with dead moms: I see this as an absolute win!

  • Boiling Donuts

    Boiling Donuts

     10 hours ago

    The Scariest Dream I Ever Had.....was my mom opening the door when I was using the bathroom D:

  • Random Yli ÙwÚ

    Random Yli ÙwÚ

     10 hours ago +1

    Yeah, Moms are terrifying

  • Cubic Gaming

    Cubic Gaming

     11 hours ago

    So if you dobble tap her, wouldn't she attack herself????

  • MilaLoL Cookie

    MilaLoL Cookie

     11 hours ago

    I like your vids

    But f*ck you

  • Killer Sans

    Killer Sans

     11 hours ago

    FUCK U
    THAT REKT WAS.....

  • Micahthatguy


     11 hours ago

    I was laughing to hard at the 2 Mama's fighting that the scare didn't get me.

  • Bella Tipton

    Bella Tipton

     11 hours ago

    Imagine mama seaks was real