WOW! Youtube's New Adpocalypse Fight, Chris Evans, Continued Whistleblower Fallout Explained, & More

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 7, 2019
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    Creators Petition FTC As YouTube is Forced to Remove Personalized Ads on Children's Content:
    Submit your comments to the FTC here:
    CGI James Dean Casting Sparks Debate:
    Key Diplomat’s Impeachment Inquiry Testimonies Explained:
    Previous coverage:

    Ellen DeGeneres and Sandra Bullock Sue Over Phony Endorsements:’

    Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
    Produced by: Amanda Morones
    Art Director: Brian Borst
    Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda
    #DeFranco #JamesDean #YouTube
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  • Philip DeFranco

    Philip DeFranco

     2 months ago +1050

    This video is far too long. I apologize.
    Timecodes: FTC & Creators 00:08 - TIA 6:10 - Dean CGI 7:49 - Impeachment Testimony 11:50

  • Sophs Moran

    Sophs Moran

     3 days ago

    Been since I was 3 ! Glad I’m start saying no not kid friendly! Can’t afford to pay that

  • davidv2002


     14 days ago

    the only time deceased actors should be put in movies is like putting Harold Ramis in the new Ghostbuster, or Carrie Fisher in new Star Wars movies. Stories/Characters these actors have already portrayed

  • atenahena


     1 months ago

    the james dean thing feels like a black mirror episode

  • MightyPoet


     1 months ago

  • MightyPoet


     1 months ago

    Are you kidding Biden, skip to 1:50 in this link

  • MightyPoet


     1 months ago

    Trump doesn’t need help against Biden, that being said the president is pressuring other countries to do what he wants.

  • Mike Daner

    Mike Daner

     1 months ago

    Wasn't there an episode in BoJack about CGI-ing actors?

  • Catherine Hawkwind

    Catherine Hawkwind

     1 months ago

    It feels like we’re suddenly so interested in going backwards. Remakes of films, remakes of music and now remakes of people. What about the many amazing living actors who have dedicated their lives to acting? I’d be insulted.

  • Neuvo Chimichanga

    Neuvo Chimichanga

     1 months ago

    Filthy DeFranco

  • Tony D. Lucario

    Tony D. Lucario

     1 months ago

    Recently, LeaglEagle did a 1-hour video explaining the ins, out, wording and logistics of COPPA & how it could effect your channel or the channels you enjoy.

    Please Phillip, lead viewers & fellow creators to this video. Watch it, like and spread this to all. For 2 weeks now, people have let fear blind them to the truth; they have attack COPPA & the FTC, critizing & judging without truly understanding what is happening, and what can really be done to help you.

  • xenodorian


     1 months ago

    If James Dean's family is okay with it, then it's fine. This is a non-story. Honestly, it's not like the man himself is going to complain.

  • djcsr


     1 months ago

    Phil why do you keep saying posthumously like that?

  • MidNiteR32


     1 months ago

    Why do YT creators and viewers get fucked over? This was YouTube/Googles mess that they created. Why are they putting burden to be compliant on them. They were serving personal ads to kids, not them.

  • Gregory Louvat

    Gregory Louvat

     1 months ago +1

    Congrats on your $4.1 mil home purchase Phil! How far you have come since sxephil to a $4.1 mil home. Welcome to the 1%. Hope another 10 years will be better

  • Alien Grl

    Alien Grl

     1 months ago

    Is the FTC and COPPA going to push this onto tv channels and their commercials as well? Why isn't there a fuss over the ads on channels like Nickelodeon and Disney...

  • Alexandra Fereyra

    Alexandra Fereyra

     1 months ago

    Boycott the film

  • Ricky Abbuhl

    Ricky Abbuhl

     1 months ago

    The problem isn’t creators making children’s content, the problem is YouTube allowing children to use the main app and not “YouTube kids.” YouTube has knowingly advertised and collected data on children using the main platform. YouTube needs to create informed consent for parents or have the children move to the platform designed for children. The content creators aren’t collecting the data or doing the advertising.

    COPPA protects children from having targeted ads without parental approval. YouTube needs to make every user re-enter their age along with email verification. YouTube souls also send an email to every account to inform parents about parental controls and and the risks of using the main YouTube. YouTube creators shouldn’t be punished for children on the wrong platform. COPPA compliance has been fulfilled on the YouTube kids platform or by getting parental consent. The breakdown isn’t creators making children content it between YouTube the children and parents.

  • katsmeow69


     1 months ago

    I work with kids age 10 and under who frequently talk about things they've seen on YouTube which are inappropriate and not meant for children But who saw it on YouTube main because their parents do not control what they see. This change to YouTube is going to hurt the creators when really it should be us parents being a more mindful of what our kids are watching on YouTube.

  • Anonymous RC Productions

    Anonymous RC Productions

     1 months ago

    I'm sorry but these petitions are not gonna change the Federal Trade Commission minds any time soon the settlement has already been signed by the New York Attorney General, and therefore cannot be reversed.