Musical Fiction | Rudy Mancuso (Full Song + Lyrics - No harsh edit)

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 24, 2017
  • I noticed that all the full song edits of this song were obnoxious to me; filled with harsh cuts of the music and random short and senseless frames here and there; so I decided to make an edit of Rudy Mancuso's Musical Fiction that flows both visually and auditorily.

    Lyrics in English Closed Captioning (The CC Button) and listed below!

    This video is monetized by Shots Studios Music who is the producer/host of Rudy. I do not own the rights to the video or audio, all rights belong to Rudy Mancuso (Shots Studios Music). Please check out the original and leave a like there by clicking the link below

    Musical Fiction | Rudy Mancuso -

    There was a lonely guy named Robert
    Who was feeling kinda down
    So he got himself a beer and he sat there with a frown
    His girlfriend just broke up with him that day
    So things were not okay
    So he got himself a lift without any hesitation
    Driver said “Where are you going”
    I don’t have a destination
    He said “I know a nice bar that has great booze”
    Well I have nothing to lose
    So he got out of the car and made his way inside the bar
    The driver out the window yelled
    “Please give me 5 stars”
    He then sat to get a drink
    From the bartender by the sink
    That’s when he saw the very thing
    That changed his whole reality
    And ooooh
    It was the prettiest face in the world
    She was unlike any other girl
    She smiled and her teeth were white as pearls
    Oh yeah, like any other girl
    So he got up from his seat
    ‘cause his heart had skipped a beat
    It was time to change his day
    He knew just the thing to say
    He said “hey”
    She said “Hey”
    He said “Hey”
    He said “Sorry to interrupt”
    Robert walked back to his seat
    As he accepted his defeat
    Then he finished up his beer
    As he lost all of his cheer
    Then he felt a hand upon his shoulder
    As the air grew even colder
    She said before he drank another
    Sorry about what happened with my brother
    I thought that was your man
    It’s just my brother Dan
    Hey Dan
    Hey man
    So he got right up off of his chair
    And ran his fingers through her hair and
    There was a lonely guy named Robert who was feeling kinda down
    so he got himself a beer and he sat there with a frown
    his girlfriend just broke up with him that day
    but things will be okay

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