New Chinese solar power plant worth $430 million

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 26, 2021
  • Today, solar energy is the most promising area for generating electricity.
    The only serious drawback is the inability to operate solar power plants at night. And while scientists from all over the world are looking for innovative ways to solve this issue, the Shouhang Chinese company has found an original way out. The new solar power plant, worth $430 million with a capacity of 100 MWp, operates around the clock without power losses.
    But how exactly were they able to achieve this? French designers in 1968 completed the construction of the Odeilia solar oven - the largest complex at that time. Located in the south of France, the complex consists of a large mirror 54 meters high and 48 meters wide. Mirrors placed around it capture sunlight and redirect it to a mirror, which concentrates them on the tower.

    At that time, scientists were able to raise the temperature in the tower to 3500 degrees Celsius in just a few seconds!

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