If You Don’t Know, Now You Know - Asian Nations Reject Western Trash | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 26, 2019
  • After years of taking in America’s plastic recycling, many Asian nations are now sending it back, forcing the U.S. to deal with its trash problem.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/-htnUTN4mH0


  • Johnny Mundo

    Johnny Mundo

     an hour ago

    Yeah we malaysian dont need American trash, we sent it back to america woot woot... Asian don't really throw stuff away because we reusing the plastic bag reused for almost everything, most water bottle reused for planting flower and vegetables, if too much we have this control burning with ventilation that controls the amount of carbon dioxide that were releases into the air and don't forget we have our beautiful green. American and Europe says palm oil is bad for enviroment but the reality is most animal find food and shelter in the palm field and don't forget it produce oxigen too. Asian figure everything

  • relentlessmadman


     6 hours ago

    We're Killing our home (Earth)
    Plastic Ocean
    National Geographic

    River dumping
    The Amazon
    The Ganges
    10 rivers

    hope !
    Rivers the interceptors
    What can I do?
    Crowd funding campaign

  • relentlessmadman


     6 hours ago

    Extended Producer Responsibility

    Extended Producer responsibility Washington state
    California purposed law:
    spilling plastic nurdles in the ocean
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGvYov3TUE8 Extended Producer responsibility



  • Ddvang


     6 hours ago

    Do people think this guy is funny? Not being sarcastic here.

  • Tan Yao Yang

    Tan Yao Yang

     9 hours ago

    5:02 did you see the guy on his side laughing

  • Josie T

    Josie T

     16 hours ago

    And think about the long-term health damages to people living in areas surrounded with plastic trash. While sorting plastic waste is a source of income for some, it can cause unimaginable, profound health implications for the entire community there.

  • Nanna0708


     22 hours ago

    Trash belongs with trash.

  • rezky muallif

    rezky muallif


    Apa cuma gw yg malu karna bangsa gw terima sampah dari luar?🙈🙈

  • Vuyi Ngcobo

    Vuyi Ngcobo

     2 days ago

    Plastic in China is recycled into plastic rice among a lot of things..and yes it's headed back your way into your tummy

  • Halshepsut Jlyn

    Halshepsut Jlyn

     2 days ago

    When I was a child, we used paper straws.

  • Niko Richmond

    Niko Richmond

     3 days ago

    3:40 🖕🏽 UA is a great ass school

  • John Bennington

    John Bennington

     4 days ago

    The program was run by incompetent people. At the local town level. It could be profitable.

  • YW


     6 days ago

    I remember all plastic bags in China are not free ($0.04 each) and it's been in this way for 15 years?

  • alp


     7 days ago +2

    the only south african
    who sucks at south african accents

  • Amit V

    Amit V

     7 days ago

    Now we got to know that iPhone is a piece of trash

  • The Grey Penguin 2

    The Grey Penguin 2

     7 days ago

    1:18 Alaska highlighted but Hawai'i and US territories not.

  • Cella Jacob

    Cella Jacob

     7 days ago

    Good message for all of us...
    The use of plastic is not acceptable anymore...
    Keep up the good work cutie...

  • loveofpeace


     7 days ago

    Hk police continue incapable l. Then the HKSAR govt should ask Beijing to send in PLA to put the cockroaches in place and elimination of the Gweilo spy, network and terrorists cell.

  • Anthony Browne

    Anthony Browne

     7 days ago

    Trevor, this is not only for, but for all people who have a platform especially comedians. We thank you for bring things to our attention, but you could you also bring us solutions to these problems. Comedians have an intuitiveness most of us don't. You make us laugh, you make us think and now you can help us solve problems.

  • 林朋


     7 days ago

    LIVE WITH YOUR TRASH,American idiot,keep going green!