WoW Live Developer Q&A w/ Ion Hazzikostas - August 23, 2018

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 27, 2018
  • We sat down with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas to answer your World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth questions. -- Watch live at
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  • JmacOnPc


     11 months ago +458

    1:00 class tuning
    4:50 scaling
    11:23 i feel weaker as i level
    15:40 wpvp scaling
    17:20 stat squish
    21:20 auto-accept
    28:01 AH/GB lag
    31:30 guild permissions
    34:20 communities plans
    35:52 expeditions
    39:40 azerite gear trading
    42:36 AP catch up
    44:00 warmode and sharding imbalances
    46:54 warmode and rp
    48:50 pvp gearing
    51:58 dungeon trash
    53:36 WQ relevance
    55:01 worgen/goblin models
    55:54 wanted quests
    57:08 emissary rewards
    58:11 quest quantities
    1:00:01 impact of war on races

  • Sygomissen


     11 months ago +32

    "A turtle made it to the water!"

  • Catseman


     11 months ago +16

    ppl skip WQ because theyre boring a tedious... therefore lets make it more boring and more tedious. lmao ok.

  • whushaw


     11 months ago +11

    I really like having these Q and A's more often

  • Ernesto Martin

    Ernesto Martin

     11 months ago +139

    I loved the impersonation from Taliesin and Evitel of this Q&A 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Verotik


     11 months ago +6

    Or: Hey, bring back 2-handed shamans. Forcing dual wield is stupid. Just let them be able to storm strike... the end.

  • Wil Boardman

    Wil Boardman

     11 months ago +6

    It says a lot to me when someone asks a straightforward question like the issue with max level game play and Ion just tap dances around the question. It’s a issue. It’s a mmo, we don’t need Blizzard holding our hands, telling me when to play, how long to play, and where to play. Time gating is consumer hostile. Also what are returning characters to do when they didn’t play Legion? You guys gonna make those races available other then through some tedious reputation going? Maybe a scenario per race? Blizzard did advertise them as BfA races, its on the website. So maybe rework that. Thanks guys.

  • tebytorozo


     11 months ago +3

    remember boiz, its working as intended

  • Daniel92


     11 months ago +6

    Island expeditions are just rework apexis quest from dreanor

  • GGTeMpLaR


     11 months ago +27

    feral druids still broken blizzard

  • Midway 69

    Midway 69

     11 months ago +1

    I have a question that I would like to ask.
    I heard that some people want player homes will it come to WOW in the future?????????

  • Not Another

    Not Another

     11 months ago +21

    I can understand what your saying about the world scaling, but speaking as a Frost Mage it just doesnt feel good. I mean my frostbolt feels like im just blowing kisses at mobs. But even on a few other classes ive been playing, the more I level the weaker I seem to feel. It seems to take longer and longer to kill standard mobs, which isnt fun to me personally.

  • FlimFlix


     11 months ago +1

    No questions regarding all the requirements for allied races.
    Wonder why....



     11 months ago

    I like Thad blizzard hold in mind once we lvl up gear wise Thad the mobs not get to easy etc great work guys bfa what's realy great so far for me

  • Carlie Morgan

    Carlie Morgan

     11 months ago +62

    It's rather odd that I was doing fine with questing while leveling, not many deaths, not many issues, but then as soon as I hit 120, I'm dying all the time. And all I was doing was finishing up the quests that were left over.

  • GrandeMage


     11 months ago +4

    Man... having some difficulty uploading or something? I gave up waiting and watched this on Twitch days ago... =/
    Good stuff in it though, yay for tradable Azerite gear and other things.

  • Beau Grieve

    Beau Grieve

     11 months ago +1

    14:15 why are maxed out player's consirned. At max level you have alot more abilities, so it does make sense it comes down to the of the player

  • Julian Haefs

    Julian Haefs

     11 months ago

    Love BfA, great fun! Thanks for the awesome design and storytelling so far, keep it up folks <3

  • Tuttles


     11 months ago

    OMG HYPERS, I can't wait to see what they will do with my worggie c:

  • Jacob freed

    Jacob freed

     11 months ago +2

    PLEASE increase weapon drop rate. My mythic dungeon group has cleared every dungeon (save Boralus the first week) every week, thats 29 dungeons, and have had 2 weapon drops in total between all of us. This is going to make the start of raid pretty rough.