Footage Surfaces from Bernie Sanders’s 1980s Public Access Show | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 8, 2019
  • Footage of Bernie Sanders’s 1980s public access program shows the then 46-year-old looking strikingly septuagenarian and giving Vermont children head-scratching lessons on stereotypes.

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  • Benjamin McCarthy Art

    Benjamin McCarthy Art

     an hour ago

    Trevor Noah laughs hysterically at the manipulated clips, pulled out of context. I just lost a lot of respect for him.

  • Hillbilly Liberal

    Hillbilly Liberal

     4 hours ago

    Nice editing there bitch

  • Robert Nextman

    Robert Nextman

     5 hours ago

    bernie says its dumb to not want to learn to read and write, he isnt calling the kids dumb. Why does every news source try and paint bernie so bad

  • Trevor


     13 hours ago

    Very lazy writing Cheap laugh.

  • Sahle Yosieph

    Sahle Yosieph

     19 hours ago

    Trevor you are not going to be invited to white house, you been a bad bad.

  • La vida es un Carnaval

    La vida es un Carnaval

     19 hours ago

    That little girl grew up to be Hillary Clinton 🤣

  • DxD Design by Divine

    DxD Design by Divine

     23 hours ago +1

    Show the whole archival video clip of his response to the kid you mainstream coward. 😒#BernieBlackout

  • s a

    s a

     yesterday +1

    Go Bernie Sanders!

  • john


     yesterday +1

    The Daily Show under Trevor Noah has turned into garbage. Included in this video is more of the clip that includes context. It also shows the corporate media's (the daily show included) bias. Noah doesn't have the amount of integrity that Jon Stewart had in one finger.

  • noah doran

    noah doran

     yesterday +1

    smells like neoliberalism in your studio

  • Orhan Capas

    Orhan Capas


    Why am i getting this puppet video

  • jon s

    jon s

     yesterday +1

    What a misrepresentation of Bernie, if you watch the whole clip he actually says he don't think the kids are dumb.  check it out for yourself.       0:45 sec. is where he says it.

  • Lauren-Kate Kush

    Lauren-Kate Kush

     2 days ago


  • Lisa G

    Lisa G

     2 days ago +1

    Nice way to take absolutely everything out of context!

  • Shadow Sun

    Shadow Sun

     2 days ago

    Typical Jew who wants to brainwash the world, so the kids are the best to start with.

  • Shadow Sun

    Shadow Sun

     2 days ago

    This old quack is a pervert who is more than obviously grooming kids and filing their heads with his Jewish freak nonsense. I would have him arrested just for approaching anybody's kid.

  • Cesar Perez

    Cesar Perez

     3 days ago

    Mister Rogers would talk about drugs to kids.

  • David K

    David K

     3 days ago +3

    Come on Trevor, this is a disgrace to the daily show

  • Harris


     3 days ago +1

    Trevor intentionally misrepresented several videos. He's now just another establishment con man.

  • Rowing Fish

    Rowing Fish

     3 days ago +1

    Trevor Noah is a gross corporate shill and I quit watching this show after realizing that he is nowhere near a worthy successor of Jon Steward left