KSI vs. Logan Paul Thumb Wrestle Challenge

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 31, 2018
  • Logan Paul and KSI fight it out with their thumbs while I get in a fight with my drawing tablet.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/-wdymLDfbTk


  • Cole Smith

    Cole Smith

     4 months ago

    4:33 ITS FINAL SPACE!!! whens the next season coming out btw?

  • El SFD

    El SFD

     4 months ago

    F jack paul he be racist

  • janice zhu

    janice zhu

     7 months ago

    Donald trump vs brack obama

  • Latasha Hall

    Latasha Hall

     7 months ago

    funny alex

  • Im Nota Candy

    Im Nota Candy

     7 months ago

    Like =KSI
    Reply =logan
    (I Don’t like logan)

  • King D - Mind

    King D - Mind

     8 months ago

    The thumbnail is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate literally never

  • David Morquecho

    David Morquecho

     9 months ago

    How come Logan looks like Ken from street fighter in the thumbnail?

  • harry chung

    harry chung

     9 months ago

    you cant thumb wrestle with a left hand and right hand wtf lmao
    Edit: nice fix at the end tho

  • Calypso Bond

    Calypso Bond

     10 months ago

    Ahh it's final space!! I luv mooncake

  • Paulina Fehr

    Paulina Fehr

     10 months ago

    I want that tablet!!!!! Ur so good at this challenge

  • that_masked_one


     10 months ago

    he uses somthing expinceve and is good I use a free website AND im GOOD. so, i dose not matter what you use!

  • the Domanic

    the Domanic

     11 months ago

    You should have a animation of you falling and saying bye

  • Icyplant videos

    Icyplant videos

     11 months ago

    Logan paul looks like ken from street fighter in the thumbnail

  • Dan Magic

    Dan Magic

     11 months ago

    I watched this video before I went to sleep, about 25 minutes later I get woken up by Alexa...

  • Why am I not In Arctic

    Why am I not In Arctic

     11 months ago

    Why did he draw Avdol from jojo s bizzare adventures on the thumbnail

  • BIG GUY!

    BIG GUY!

     11 months ago

    6:29 sadly it didnt😭😭

  • ERS Pandan

    ERS Pandan

     11 months ago


  • r u mine?

    r u mine?

     11 months ago +1

    Alexxxxx you set of my alexa 😂

  • The Cooper Squad

    The Cooper Squad

     a years ago

    Who is Ksi?

  • FalconGaminPlayz William

    FalconGaminPlayz William

     a years ago