YouTube Channel Optimization for Beginners | TubeBuddy Tutorial

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 19, 2021
  • Learn Youtube channel optimization for beginners! Knowing How to Optimize a YouTube channel starting out is crucial. In this video we show YouTube channel optimization and how to make your channel search friendly. This TubeBuddy tutorial will cover everything you need to know about YouTube Channel Optimization!

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    Table of Contents

    00:00 - Learn how to Optimize YOUR YouTube channel!
    00:09 - What is an Unoptimized Channel?
    00:35 - Remember: You can get EXACTLY where you want to be with YouTube Chapters!
    00:40 - Reminder: ALL changes are reflected onto mobile
    00:58 - How to get to Channel Customization on Desktop!
    01:19 - What’s on the Channel Customization page?
    01:23 - Changing the Layout of our Channel!
    01:56 - Adding a Channel Trailer!
    03:08 - Featuring a video for returning subscribers!
    03:41 - Giving viewers more content using the Featured sections!
    04:00 - Important Note about YouTube Shorts
    04:20 - Continuing in the Featured section!
    04:48 - Why should I optimize my channel?
    04:58 - What playlists should I add?
    06:54 - Again, make your channel easy to understand!
    07:04 - Setting up your channel’s brand!
    07:25 - Choosing and uploading a channel icon/profile picture!
    07:57 - Choosing a channel banner!
    08:45 - How important is an upload schedule?
    09:24 - Choosing a video watermark!
    09:43 - Optimizing the Basic Info section!
    09:54 - Why should you include your channel name in your channel description?
    10:13 - Remember: Always include you channel keywords NATURALLY in your channel description!
    10:43 - How to SAVE your CHANGES!
    10:51 - Adding Channel Keywords to your Channel!
    11:15 - Did you know? Once you hit 100 subscribers, you can add a custom URL!
    11:31 - Adding Links to show on your Channel Banner!
    11:50 - Adding a way for Brands to contact YOU
    12:11 - Remember to SAVE your changes!
    12:18 - Why is it important to optimize my YouTube channel?
    12:47 - Did you make any of these changes to YOUR channel?
    12:54 - Want to learn more about Channel Keywords? Check out this video!


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