World of Warcraft - All Expansion Ending Cinematics!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 2, 2017
  • All expansion ending cinematics from raids in World of Warcraft! Starting from the Lich King's defeat all the way up to the Legion Ending Cinematic featuring Sargeras!Timestamps:00:00 - Fall of the Lich King (Wrath of the Lich King / Icecrown Citadel)03:56 - Deathwing's Defeat (Cataclysm / Dragon Soul)05:33 - Mists of Pandaria (Garrosh's Defeat (Horde) / Siege of Orgimmar)08:20 - Mists of Pandaria (Garrosh's Defeat (Alliance) / Siege of Orgimmar10:41 - Warlords of Draenor (Archimonde Intro / Hellfire Citadel)11:18 - Warlords of Draenor (Archimonde's Defeat / Hellfire Citadel)13:17 - Legion (Argus, the Unmaker Intro / Antorus the Burning Throne)14:15 - Legion (Argus, the Unmaker Defeat / Sargeras Stabbing Azeroth / Antorus the Burning Throne)Note: Classic WoW and The Burning Crusade did not have ending cinematics. Battle for Azeroth has not ended yet (an updated video will be created when those scenes appear).Thanks for watching!
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  • Lapát Jani

     1 years ago

    Bolvar be like: "I must be forgotten" yeah maybe then don't chat with death knights nonstop.

  • Zach


    When Arthas began the merge into the Helm, he killed what was left of his goodness, and he killed the spirit of Ner’zhul to stop Ner’zhul from assuming control like Ner’zhul originally planned. Doing this created someone new - the Lich King. No Arthas. No Ner’zhul. Only the Lich King. However, the Lich King still has the memories of both people. For him to say “I was once a Shaman” is really him acknowledging who one incarnation of the Lich King was. It’s similar to reincarnation and saying what you us...

  • manoj joshi

     2 months ago

    Wasn't he chatting as Anon?

  • RicoLen1

     1 years ago

    Arthas Menethil will always be the Lich King to me.

  • Mohammed fatah

     4 days ago

    Get your Lich king statue here

  • MedievalBomber

     18 days ago

    Nerzhul is the LK kil jaeden tormented nerzhul then re formed his soul and bonded it to the helmet of domination which can control the scourge so when you put on helm nerzhul takes control to some point

  • Shadowkiller 69

     1 years ago

    Lol it’s like archimonde just walked in then a second later he tripped and fell 😂😂

  • ltshep

     20 hours ago

    “Gul’Dan! You’ve made me look like a fool!” *zap*

  • Márk Bugya

     3 months ago


  • Hunter Meredith

     1 years ago

    I hate that vol'jin got shafted. Wouldve liked to see more of him as warchief

  • Lucas Suárez

     5 months ago


  • Daniel Bathaei

     6 months ago

    Hes like the Obama of the Horde


     10 months ago

    *no king rules forever my son*MY GOD THE FEELS

  • JSZ

     10 months ago

    I love how most of these show us that united we can defeat anythingBut then there's Battle for Azeroth in which we fight each other agian like idiots

  • marcus24000

     25 days ago

    @Polopo actualy the real world is learning slowly,the battle for azaroth makes the progress of all story's go backwards again,for all they learned in wow blizzard stil thought it would be a good idee to be at eachothers troats again.its kind of shows the blizzard mentality.

  • Shakira's Hips Lied

     3 months ago

    *While totally not old gods do their shit in the background*

  • Sam B.

     1 years ago

    WoD wouldn’t have happened if Varian had just let Thrall kill Garrosh. Just saying.....

  • Yuen Mangus

     2 months ago

    Vereesa had a chance to poison Garrosh in novel, but Anduin stoppes her and she blame the fault to Sylvanas

  • manoj joshi

     2 months ago

    He didn't 'stop' him lol.The Giant green pickle doesn't need permission to do wat he wants..All has been part of his grand game


     19 days ago

    The horde, promoting their new Warchief:Jania: *look at them, they plot against us*

  • Nikolai Cage

     4 days ago

    She's a proper Vajaina

  • Jeralt's Horde

     16 days ago

    Tell them that Jaina proudmore is dead, and that Kul'tiras died with her

  • Koof

     1 years ago

    I SPEAK FOR THE HORDE - Gives me the chills every time.

  • Dan Svoboda

     10 months ago

    DylanTheSmylan Ehh, no? :D

  • Ísis R.

     10 months ago

    I'm allt but gotta love Vol'jin

  • k01dsv

     1 years ago

    Lich King cinematic is still the best! :D Holy sh*t I miss it!

  • Boney Hero

     1 years ago