New Mount: Vulpine Familiar

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 13, 2018
  • You’ll be ready to take on new adventures wherever you go with this clever new mount—now available in the Blizzard Shop and in-game shop.Fiercely intelligent and insatiably curious, this species of fox has travelled the Great Dark Beyond to seek the companionship of the greatest heroes of Azeroth. Vulpine Familiars are born daredevils, and any one of them would make a great companion on your adventures throughout Azeroth and beyond.http://WorldofWarcraft.comSubscribe!
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  • Nexius


     8 months ago +2954

    Another unique mount placed in the store as a microtransaction? Just what I was hoping, thank you Activision! 👏

  • Razeo


     8 months ago +840


  • Ethos


     8 months ago +813

    Blizzard: Father! Is it... over?
    Activision: At long last. No king rules forever, my son.
    Blizzard: I see... only dollar signs... before me...
    * Blizzard dies *

  • MancunianRedcoat


     8 months ago +958

    100 exalted reputations, get a reskin
    Pay 15 pounds get a unique mount.
    Thanks for reminding me why I unsubbed

  • Rafa QG

    Rafa QG

     8 months ago +405

    > sells game
    > charges subscription
    > spend the subs money creating a new mount
    > sells it back to them

  • Primothios zaruon

    Primothios zaruon

     8 months ago +446

    Blizzard please- cover yourself up; your Activision is showing.

  • FatLeon93


     8 months ago +392

    Came here to see dislikes
    Wasn't disappointed

  • Erich Ludendorff

    Erich Ludendorff

     8 months ago +419

    Remember, back in Burning Crusade. Over the course of several months when you did those Netherwing dailies on the ledge? Hunted for eggs, racing against other players. Finally killing that NE rogue that stole that egg out from under your nose. Turn in that last egg, for that last bit of rep, the satisfaction you had when you finally took a spin on your fresh new spiffy Nether Drake? Man I do, that was some good content, never forget that kind of stuff. Now imagine you just paid 25 bucks for that drake...

  • Sandro Fallcon

    Sandro Fallcon

     8 months ago +303

    How can people still defend these guys...

  • NaZzGuLLzzz


     8 months ago +276

    No. One. Cares. The player base has moved on Blizzard... Good Luck in China... Oh Wait..

  • KidGacy


     8 months ago +295

    blizzard is dead , it's activision now , we're gonna end up paying 20$ to unlock each new zone by next expansion

  • #3UP CB

    #3UP CB

     8 months ago +69

    Do I have to be exalted with my credit card to get this?

  • Tori T

    Tori T

     8 months ago +72

    In game mounts: 20 horses
    Store moint: flying lunar fox

  • Fengas


     8 months ago +87

    So, you pay a subscription, get no content but get a luxury to buy a micro transaction mount that's obviously funded by your monthly sub, again.

  • Omni The Man

    Omni The Man

     8 months ago +93

    I can't believe it, I actually went to "manage my account" and pressed "unsubscribe because" over this.
    I'm sorry Blizzard I just can't handle or do this this anymore.
    I think I'm going to go play some other games for a while I hear DOOM's pretty good.

  • Cristian Popov

    Cristian Popov

     8 months ago +170

    at this point wow feels like a "f2p" game without being f2p

  • murcroadster


     8 months ago +57

    So now they are hiding negative comments. Good job guys

  • Hearsticles


     8 months ago +719

    Stop calling yourself Blizzard. You're 100% ActiVision at this point.

  • Emanuel Mesquita

    Emanuel Mesquita

     8 months ago +175

    This is no WoW video...
    It's a tomb...

  • Charlie Reeder

    Charlie Reeder

     8 months ago +104

    If you actually give a like to this video you are the problem.