Omar Epps Talks Tupac's Influence, Getting Lead Role in "Juice", Fatherhood + More!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 31, 2018
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  • Braxton Thomas

    Braxton Thomas

     15 hours ago

    Favorite Omar Epps movie:

  • Jonathan Lewis

    Jonathan Lewis

     2 days ago

    S/o to my brother Omar epps a real example of a real man!! Respect homie always a true example and I’m a fan 4 life!!

  • Fendi Love

    Fendi Love

     3 days ago

    Him and mike Tomlin do look alike 😂😭

  • nlabella13


     6 days ago

    Dr. Eric Foreman

  • Tiffany D

    Tiffany D

     9 days ago

    can someone make a clone of omar epps... asking for a friend

  • Cheyenne & Tony

    Cheyenne & Tony

     10 days ago

    Get leonardo di cardio on this show

  • ididit36


     11 days ago

    love & basketball, the wood, higher learning, house, and juice

  • Rahum Brown

    Rahum Brown

     12 days ago

    Juice and In Too Deep, hands down. Side note, dude looks young af for 45, respect for peace of mind.

  • darrwin stewart

    darrwin stewart

     14 days ago

    Favorite omar epps movie " First Time Felon" wit Treach from Naughty by Nature

  • Diego Loera

    Diego Loera

     14 days ago

    This dude is always on point. Wish he had more roles....Him and Mekhi Phiffer.

  • maclac48


     16 days ago

    Yea L was trippin on that part.

  • Brittany Gresham

    Brittany Gresham

     18 days ago

    Very informative interview, idk why I was waiting for them to ask him about the Kevin Hart joke when he rented out Disney

  • Young Street

    Young Street

     20 days ago

    Mu my favorite actor

  • SuperElizabeth191


     23 days ago

    Again he always bring up Tupac sometimes he hates on him sometimes he show love lol he ass love and hate Tupac at the same time always and forever Tupac 💯

  • Exotica TheQueen

    Exotica TheQueen

     25 days ago


  • mega beatz

    mega beatz

     25 days ago

    “In to deep” was one of his best too. Him and LL Cool J was a dynamic duo in that movie

  • Lisa Edmonds

    Lisa Edmonds

     26 days ago

    Yeah, Pac was "plugged in in a whole different way," that's why they killed him.

  • Tuwanna nealy

    Tuwanna nealy

     27 days ago

    I smiled the entire interview. Didn't want it to end! Love Omar 😘

  • Tuwanna nealy

    Tuwanna nealy

     27 days ago

    Omar is sooo intelligent. I'm so in love with that tooo .. 😘

  • HTHTV3


     27 days ago +1

    @20:27 #DNA don't Lie. there's mouths can lie on *It* , but *It* itself doesn't Lie.
    *Math Matter Maat.*
    *Math don't Lie.* Again, Mouths can & do, but #Math itself? Nope.