Billie Eilish - WHEN I WAS OLDER (Music Inspired By The Film ROMA/Audio)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 8, 2019
  • Listen to “WHEN I WAS OLDER (Music Inspired By The Film ROMA)": Billie Eilish:Facebook: video by Billie Eilish performing WHEN I WAS OLDER (Music Inspired By The Film ROMA/Audio). © 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records
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  • J_J611


     7 months ago +2204

    Obviously Billie doesnt need autotune yall need to realize the artistic view of why she used it

  • Jessica Y.

    Jessica Y.

     6 months ago +4547

    This song reminds me of a memory that was never made.

  • Flor Arellano

    Flor Arellano

     5 months ago +3521

    Anyone Else On A Billie Eilish Marathon? 🙋🏽‍♀️💕

  • CobaltBort


     5 months ago +2879

    This is such an underrated song

  • TheNraveles


     4 months ago +655

    Everyone saying its auto isnt lmao.
    Its called a vocoder. Its used on purpose to modify the voice and make it sound more robotic

  • a potato flew around my room

    a potato flew around my room

     7 months ago +1989

    Finally someone uses auto tune for the right reason



     4 months ago +961

    can we just talk about the fact that she doesn't have one bad song? like literally all her songs, are perfection.
    Im pretty sure though, that everyone knows it. This 17 year old girl, is a blessing. <3

  • SØKSØK _xy

    SØKSØK _xy

     1 months ago +680

    “ mY kNeE iS LocKed iN tHis POsiTioN “ -billie 2019

  • Sad N Low

    Sad N Low

     6 months ago +1312


  • Florian


     5 months ago +1878

    Best way to use auto-tune imho. It assists her voice by creating new layers of sound and emotion. She doesn’t rely on it. She uses it like an extra instrument to enhance the complexity, flow, variation and feeling of this song. I wish more artist would use it in this kind of way. Amazing song ❤️ Thank you, Billie.

  • Esli Lisha

    Esli Lisha

     7 months ago +777

    She is supposed to be DROWNING. That is the reason of the autotune

  • jana


     2 months ago +157

    this is the most underrated song by billie eilish there is

  • Giselle Castillo

    Giselle Castillo

     5 months ago +202

    3:32 who else hears a dog barking?!?! Is it only me? Am I high?!?! I'm using earphones so if you want to try to hear I recommend earphones.

  • haylee


     2 months ago +231

    YouTube: how underrated?
    Billie: YES

  • Faith Carolann

    Faith Carolann

     6 months ago +715

    This honeslty... Is BY FAR her most beautiful songs.

  • Emaa São Pedro

    Emaa São Pedro

     7 months ago +3375

    Billie at 17: famous, successful and so damn perfect
    Me at 17: not died yet

  • love has no gender

    love has no gender

     5 months ago +394

    i'm so proud that billie can express deep thinkers feelings and thoughts through this song. it's very deep and also dark.

  • Fatima Gómez

    Fatima Gómez

     6 months ago +423

    México presente!🇲🇽💗

  • Itss Aaronn

    Itss Aaronn

     6 months ago +184

    “Roma” is one of the best movies (in my opinion) that has debuted in this decade.
    The way the lessons and morals were interpreted was very interesting in many ways, ways that other movies have not and could not.
    This song really fits in with the movie.
    The song gives the feeling of you drowning, not just in water, but in emotions. Like how Cleo reacted after her (Spoiler) daughters birth/death she fell into emotions that only her family could pull her out of.
    The movie and this song has really impacted me in many ways.

  • Marie Rican

    Marie Rican

     2 months ago +66

    “mY KnEe Is LoCkEd iN tHiS PoSiTioN” if you know you know.