Billie Eilish - WHEN I WAS OLDER (Music Inspired By The Film ROMA) - Audio

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 8, 2019
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    Music video by Billie Eilish performing WHEN I WAS OLDER (Music Inspired By The Film ROMA/Audio). © 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records
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  • greg desena

    greg desena

     4 minutes ago

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  • Beyzoş


     40 minutes ago

    Şarkının girişindeki melodiyi Barış Manço - Kol Düğmeleri'ne hafiften benzeten tek ben olamam.

  • Tayler Miller

    Tayler Miller

     an hour ago

    Does anyone get a auora vibe from this
    Cuz I do

  • Joaquín Franch

    Joaquín Franch

     an hour ago

    la verdad que una poronga

  • Diyar Kandemir

    Diyar Kandemir

     an hour ago +1

    Mito belanı sikim

  • piechuu


     an hour ago +1

    Such a bop

  • Sunny Shines

    Sunny Shines

     an hour ago

    If YouTube rewind is actually good this year Billie has to be in ot

  • Rayhan Ihsan Nasution

    Rayhan Ihsan Nasution

     an hour ago

    can anyone please explain how did Billie and Roma correlated? i love Roma (as the 2nd best movie of the year for me) and Billie's songs have been my daily playlist recently but i don't see that this song has a music that inspired by the movie Roma. i mean Roma was set on 1970-1971 and all about struggle of women but this song is too electro and 2000's

  • Ayesha Mulla

    Ayesha Mulla

     2 hours ago

    Why does the notes in the begining sound like the begining of "That Distant Shore"?

  • Spongebob Squarepants

    Spongebob Squarepants

     2 hours ago

    am i the only one that hates the autotune???!

  • Aika - Chan

    Aika - Chan

     2 hours ago +2

    I tried to take a screenshot of a comment and accidentally turned off my phone
    I literally screamed
    because I can't stop listening to DIS BEUTFUL SONG

  • SombraIsn'tMeta


     2 hours ago +1

    When I was older
    I was a sailor on an open sea
    But now I'm underwater
    And my skin is paler than it should ever be
    I'm on my back again
    Dreaming of a time and place
    Where you and I remain the best of friends
    Even after all this ends
    Can we pretend?
    I'm on my, I'm on my back again
    It's seeming more and more
    Like all we ever do is see how far it bends
    Before it breaks in half and then
    We bend it back again
    Guess I got caught in the middle of it
    Yes I've been taught, got a little of it
    In my blood, in my blood
    Memories burn like a forest fire
    Heavy rain turns any funeral pyre to mud
    In the flood
    When I was older
    I was a sailor on an open sea
    But now I'm underwater
    And my skin is paler than it should ever be
    I'm watching movies back to back in black and white, I never
    Seen anybody do it like I do it any better
    I'm goin' over you, I'm overdue for new endeavors
    Nobody lonely like I'm lonely and I don't know whether
    You'd really like it in the limelight
    You'd sympathize with all the bad guys
    I'm still a victim in my own right
    But I'm the villain in my own eyes, yeah
    When I was older
    I was a sailor on an open sea

  • maddie peshoff

    maddie peshoff

     2 hours ago

    omg bil 😭😭💞

  • Marine


     2 hours ago

    *I covered the song if anyone could give me opinions that'd be nice ! Especially because of my accent (I'm french) I also compose french songs*

  • D e u s V u l t 口 ボ ム リ

    D e u s V u l t 口 ボ ム リ

     2 hours ago

    Roma caput mundi

  • Frances Tort

    Frances Tort

     3 hours ago

    Mmm the melody kinda sounds like Lapis’ theme from SU, a little bit. Love that

  • Mr. Tarun

    Mr. Tarun

     3 hours ago

    Indeed Gye

  • Ciaran Gold

    Ciaran Gold

     3 hours ago

    This song grows on me more and more everyday!

  • Car Music Bmw

    Car Music Bmw

     3 hours ago

    subcribe me please

  • 이수달


     4 hours ago +1

    Seriously guys...Am I the ONLYONE that got goosebumps from her autotune? She's such a genius....