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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
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    Shayla and her twin brother, Thomas, were adopted at 6 months old by a family from Calgary who relocated to Trinidad for work. Meanwhile, two older sisters were adopted previously and still live in the Toronto area. Due to unfortunate circumstances, difficult situations, and past struggles with the law, Shayla’s birth parents lost custody shortly after they were born. Shayla always knew her birth parents’ full names and used Facebook to find her birth mother and followed her throughout the years. Just a few months ago, Shayla’s adoptive mom noticed a girl on her birth mother’s page that resembled Shayla a lot. Eventually, when Shayla was able to reach her older sister Seleena, she was also able to reach her oldest sister, Samantha. And with these connections, finally Shayla found her father, a former Vietnamese boat refugee who immigrated to Canada by himself.

    #Vietnamese #FamilyReunion #Facebook
    Directed, Filmed, Edited, Music directed by Kyle Le
    Associate Produced by Shayla Allan
    Music Composed by Antti Luode
    Trinidad Drone footage by Richard Ramirez
    Toronto Urban Drone footage by Bassam Abdulkhalek
    Toronto Nature Drone footage by Kyle Le

    Special thanks to Kevin, Robert, and my Toronto viewers, and everyone who appeared in this video. Thank you for letting me tell your family reunion story.

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    Filmed with a Panasonic G7 14-140mm. 15mm
    Audio from a Rode Micro / Rode Link
    Dji Spark
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  • Kyle Le Dot Net

    Kyle Le Dot Net

     4 months ago +68
    New video!!

  • Kaukinta Romatoa

    Kaukinta Romatoa

     3 hours ago

    And Mama Is here😂😂

  • Emma Dagilis

    Emma Dagilis

     4 hours ago

    The mom went without her kids for years

  • anzal omar

    anzal omar

     5 hours ago

    I wish me luck 2 i never saw my dad in real life i got so many spellings and some of them e just started communicating in 6 months ago and some are still unknown were they are😥

  • anzal omar

    anzal omar

     5 hours ago

    The oldest sister was so emotional and the girl with the golden hair was so funny and crazy hhh

  • Life of an ARMY

    Life of an ARMY

     9 hours ago

    The way they all connected right away is the most beautiful thing about this video✨

  • John john

    John john

     10 hours ago

    What a beautiful story

  • McY_Snips


     11 hours ago

    he and she is vietnamese i am too i understand i really feel them both

  • Rukshana Yesmine Jalil

    Rukshana Yesmine Jalil

     12 hours ago

    I can’t believe you all. Such a beautiful reunion. Im even shocked there is 1 more sibling who still can’t be reunited yet. As she’s 15 😢 one day she will. Happy for you all. I’m literally in tears. Like sobbing so much just like your birth parents. As I’m a mom now. So I can only imagine their heart swelling up in tears if sadness and happiness. It must’ve been the hardest decision to make. They are so strong now, knowing your doing well. 😭 crying so much!

  • Skyla Chambers

    Skyla Chambers

     12 hours ago +1

    “My fammillyyyy” tears has entered the chat

  • Amelia Nelson

    Amelia Nelson

     19 hours ago

    sisters meets brother she hasnt seen in a LONG time

    sister: Why is your hair like that
    brother: idk...

  • Jaylan Moore

    Jaylan Moore

     20 hours ago

    Omg my heart ❤️

  • supreme kid

    supreme kid


    Yo when he says daddys here omg shit hit me so hard but I'm not crying bro i swear I'm good but like my allergies are getting to me

  • KysKissMemes



    Man..... this onion when he said “daddy here” got really annoying 😤😤

  • Kalee Mycal Ewald

    Kalee Mycal Ewald


    where’s the youngest sister

  • Samuel Kechejian

    Samuel Kechejian


    Did they ever find there 5th sibling

  • Tony Llerena

    Tony Llerena


    Q historia para más impresionante y sigue perdiendo el amor en la familia, felicidades chicos un abrazo.

  • Aussie Gypsy

    Aussie Gypsy


    So excited to pop your pimples!! Wtf is that to say to your father first meeting lmao!

  • Legendary Weapon

    Legendary Weapon


    Do they eat the dogs?

  • Karen Plaza

    Karen Plaza


    So sad and beautiful. The girl with the blonde dye hair needs an attitude adjustment. The other three siblings are very sweet and humble. Nice that they can all stay in touch from now on. Blessings