How to Look Good for Back to School! *advice from a college dropout

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
  • Want to look good going back to school? Here are my tips on just how to look bomb for school! Lulus has the cutest back to school outfits guys so excited that they're sponsoring! xo -alisha marieBUY MY MERCH: Back to School at Lulus!- Wash Denim Jacket- Black and White Snake Print Bodysuit- Similar Style: Mini Skirt- Green Denim Utility Jacket- Lace Bralette- Super Skinny Jeans- Ribbed Long Sleeve Top- Similar Style: High Rise Cropped Flare Jeans- Mauve Cropped V-Neck Tee- @Alisha Twitter: @AlishaMarieSnapchat: LidaLu11PRETTY BASIC PODCASTApple Podcasts:**IF YOU'RE READING THIS** comment "notebook"Business: [email protected]
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  • julia


     7 days ago +5529

    I don't think YouTubers get that there's a dress code and you can't wear off the shoulder, bralettes, etc😂

  • Vasilios Agoros

    Vasilios Agoros

     7 days ago +720

    comment section
    50%: tell alisha about the dress code thing
    49%: i can’t buy this i’m broke
    1%: something else

  • Amber atagan

    Amber atagan

     7 days ago +979

    Alisha: * "cute fun and flirty outfits with bralettes!" *
    Teachers: *UNACCEPTABLE*

  • Purpleaxelate 17

    Purpleaxelate 17

     7 days ago +95

    2017: *throws paper ball at whiteboard and made the most cutest video*
    2019: chillest video ever
    😭😭omg time flies😭😭

  • Itzzz Meh

    Itzzz Meh

     7 days ago +196

    Anybody else remember the milaurisha back to school collabs??
    Like I used to binge those before the first day of school (even though I would never do the diys)

  • hannah acy

    hannah acy

     7 days ago +2268

    My school wouldn't let me wear those tops.
    And...I'm broke

  • Aymen008


     7 days ago +267

    I get the idea of looking good and all,
    But just a reminder that most people, including students, dont care what you look like. We'll all struggling through classes and life together lol

  • Nikki Cleveland

    Nikki Cleveland

     7 days ago +177

    Me: OOOH cute outfits
    Me: * Checks out their website*
    Me: Sees $68 dollars for a dress
    Me: Hell no Alisha

  • Gal aaxy

    Gal aaxy

     7 days ago +296

    In elementary school: 6 year old girl wears a crop top and a skirt past thighs
    Teachers: Aww! So cute!
    In middle school: Wears a shirt without a sholder piece

  • Cake Gacha

    Cake Gacha

     7 days ago +49

    I kinda miss the old Alisha... ( no hate )

  • Keira Alleyne

    Keira Alleyne

     7 days ago +2210

    Alisha: “ it takes two seconds”
    Me having long thick hair: “it takes 20 minutes”

  • Valentine Marie

    Valentine Marie

     7 days ago +87

    Alisha: sleep with you curled hair in a bun
    screams in long hair

  • Joyce TANG

    Joyce TANG

     7 days ago +87

    My mom: you can’t make money if you are not good at school.
    Me: shows my mom Alisha marie she’s a college drop out.
    My mom:

  • Pablo Lopez

    Pablo Lopez

     7 days ago +66

    Alisha:sponsoring a clothing website
    Me: I’m broke so goes to thrift shop

  • Slowpoke Sloth

    Slowpoke Sloth

     7 days ago +59

    First outfit : dress code for v neck and that skirt is way to short
    Second outfit: dress code for wearing a BRA WITHOUT WEARING ANYTHING ELSE
    Third outfit: off the shoulder is not allowed
    Four outfit: at first this outfit would have been fine but then she had to tie it up so i shows your stomach and then she pulls out her shoulder
    Ps don’t get me wrong these outfits where cute but not for school

  • Lara Zovko

    Lara Zovko

     7 days ago +1400

    Someone explain to youtubers that we can't wear shorts and tops in school

  • Madelyn G

    Madelyn G

     7 days ago +135

    4:30 yeah I’m not going to wear a bralette to school... what was she thinking 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Bored N Stuff

    Bored N Stuff

     7 days ago +25

    Step #1: Unless your a 7/10 or higher almost no one cares how much you dress up

  • Domenika Dushaj

    Domenika Dushaj

     5 days ago +14

    OMG OMG OMG Alisha
    Dye you're hair light purple
    Im SO SURE it will look good on you
    Love you <3

  • Indigo


     6 days ago +10

    (Like si she can see this!)