Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Review: The Favorite Child!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 22, 2019
  • Galaxy Note is a family now, and the 10+ is the favorite child.
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  • Hcr nvy

    Hcr nvy

     an hour ago

    if there was no selfie cam hole,i bought it. i dont need a camera on the front, because im not a 15yo child.its annoying that black dot

  • Gold Pear

    Gold Pear

     an hour ago +1

    Music? =))

  • 420 Friendly

    420 Friendly

     3 hours ago

    "Confident Samsung can do it..." like how they do it for 1+?

  • Masquirrel


     6 hours ago

    Way to nitpick this phone, but give the iPhone 11 a pass for being the same phone as last year with one more camera. This Note has an all new design from the Note 9, ufs 3.0 storage, in display fingerprint scanner, small bezels, reverse wireless charging, a bigger battery, 12 Gb of RAM, oh and an extra camera. This is not a small incremental upgrade. Its a brand new device. This device's changes are worth the price.

  • Masquirrel


     6 hours ago

    My Note 10+ gave 7 hours of screen on time with 15% left. This is with highest resolution.

  • Gee Foo

    Gee Foo

     8 hours ago

    Just a quick question, WHY DONT YOU EVER NITPICK APPLE OR GOOGLE? You dont mention Refresh Rates or Finger Print Reader or Price with those Cameras, why? That's why your reviews are viewed as Biased. Hello Supersaf, the best UNBIASED REVIEWER ON YOUTUBE. I guess you want to ensure Apple and Google send you their latest phone.

  • Dhruv Gandhi

    Dhruv Gandhi

     8 hours ago

    Note 10 speakers are great one of the best for sure

  • ibuil -

    ibuil -

     9 hours ago

    Samsung became the very thing we all hated and despised , time to switch to another company , it's been fun Samsung for your phone career but now you will have to step down and let someone else be the best and he will be because of that 3.5 reason .

  • Dean Mumby

    Dean Mumby

     9 hours ago

    just buy a headphone adaptor, no biggy lol

  • Ahmed Akmal

    Ahmed Akmal

     10 hours ago

    Another great YouTuber just starting to become an apple fanboy

  • marv323


     14 hours ago

    So air gestures from samsung since the s4 s5 and now with the note 10 are gimmicks lol. But I'm sure when the pixel 4 comes out air gestures wont be gimmicks lol

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

     14 hours ago

    3:55 is he on drugs

  • I have a cute picture but no cute name

    I have a cute picture but no cute name

     14 hours ago

    I wish my mom loved me like how people love things phone

  • Titanoboa


     19 hours ago +1

    Just answer me this Marquez... what phone do you use?

  • Sienna아미


     21 hours ago

    No one:
    Marques: “d brand skin”

  • rontavius snipes

    rontavius snipes

     21 hours ago

    iPhone guy here to say that color is AMAZING. I would love an iPhone that color

  • Why no privacy

    Why no privacy

     23 hours ago

    What Phone should I buy? 2019? I am 23 year old investor so on assets $ is no object to me. (Not apple) because can fly to china and build Iphone11 for 400$

  • Fame Mercado

    Fame Mercado

     yesterday +1

    A Note series fan eversince but won’t be upgrading only because:
    1. No headphone jack

    Still sticking to my Note 5




    As we have witnessed a flood of new mobile phones this year, can you list the best mobile phones according to you in their respective price range taking into account all the things?

  • Tristan Persaud

    Tristan Persaud


    The intro sounds alot like keep it thoro prod. The Alchemist.