Trump Brings U.S. to Brink of War with Iran | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 24, 2019
  • President Trump calls off a military strike against Iran minutes before launch, raising questions about when he was briefed on key issues surrounding the decision.

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    We support USA
    From: phillippines🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Abdullah ibn Hussein

    Abdullah ibn Hussein


    Trump you idiot , you missed a good opportunity now look what Iran did to the oil in Saudi Arabia.

  • David Armillie

    David Armillie

     2 days ago

    #NIGA "Nevermake Iran Great Again!" LOL!

  • i automobile

    i automobile

     3 days ago

    What if they were 150 Americans that were to die, because it's Iranian people, does it make a difference.

  • Nazrul Islam

    Nazrul Islam

     5 days ago +1

    What I don't understand is that America has a lot of good people. But what's wrong with their president. As if they ellected the worst human in their country. All he know is hate . That's why the China is getting ahead in evrything . Because american are busy chosing dumb president .

  • dannyrene12


     7 days ago

    Duh there's 2 trumps... He's a Gemini 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 we're under the rule of a psychopath. The other trump is a sociopath lol

  • Jana Catudan

    Jana Catudan

     7 days ago

    He's a Gemini, no wonder.

  • Mustafa-szt8 Yousif

    Mustafa-szt8 Yousif

     7 days ago

    I like your videos
    Can you talk more about sudan please

  • Verena Steineck

    Verena Steineck

     7 days ago

    What I don't get about America being in war: Why do they always say that they are at war, but war is never in America?
    I mean, as European, thanks for assisting in extinguishing the Nazis, but why did the citizens need to be attacked too? Don't you get that dropping a bobm leaves more scars behind than a crater.
    Just stop killing people this way. In this advanced technological Era there are better ways for solving tensions

  • MR. G

    MR. G

     14 days ago

    Since america is failing in afghanistan so now they need another soil to dig the graves of their soldiers just to please the rich and powerful. America too would have shoot down the drown if it was flying in their airspace. You people should elect tulsi gabard this time the only women who this of peace in democrats and republicans

  • stblackpanter02


     14 days ago


  • Rp God

    Rp God

     14 days ago

    Make _______ great again could be a fucking pickup line

  • Sambath Official

    Sambath Official

     21 days ago

    What's a joke?

  • Arman Pars

    Arman Pars

     21 days ago

    ترامپ نمی داند داره با کی در میفته ایران عراق یا افغانستان نیست
    Trump doesn't know who he is going with Iran is not Iraq or Afghanistan

  • Karthik B.S

    Karthik B.S

     21 days ago

    How are u guys hangin up in their man under the administration of this maniac..

  • Xedaib


     28 days ago

    "retaliate on 3 different sights"? Is it because I'm French and I don't understand the sentence or...

  • Colt Henderson

    Colt Henderson

     28 days ago

    The truth is trump aborted because our allies said they would not support him in another war in the region.

  • The Best There Is

    The Best There Is

     1 months ago +1

    They are all headless chickens...

  • Mohammed Warfa

    Mohammed Warfa

     1 months ago

    The reality is, Iran is not like the iraq or libiya Afghanistan, iran has powerful military in the middle East, so that USA can't take action against Iran, I'm sure 100%, if USA try, do you think suadi arabia and others will be a Seattle, this can be very critical situation, if the control getting out of hand it will be never return, ww3

  • Dz-187 Dz-187

    Dz-187 Dz-187

     1 months ago