WoW Memories: First Steps - Episode 1

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 24, 2018
  • Recollecting some early experiences in WoW!

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  • JayBay


     14 days ago

    thanks for sharing with us dude. slowly making my way through all your vids, your content is so peaceful dude.

  • Famed Gaming

    Famed Gaming

     14 days ago

    Omg this video was like sitting in front of a fireplace sipping a good 15yr scotch. It's so warm and cozy. Love your videos man!

  • Geshtal205


     14 days ago

    I was probably one of the only mages in vanilla who equipped gear with agility and strength. In my mind you needed more strength to make the frost bolts hit harder and I had no idea what intellect was for. This went on till I got to about level 14 when someone in Ironforge inspected me and politely corrected all my faults.

  • Legend


     14 days ago

    Your videos always get me jonezing for Classic, and Final Fantasy 7. Curse you.

  • The Dude

    The Dude

     14 days ago

    I played as a Night Elf Hunter at Vanilla launch....I raged all the way to level 41 till almost rage quit the game due to dying so much.....and raged in chat about how useless hunters and their pet was ( only bothered to tame one cat i liked the look of and kept)...till someone spoke up in chat and said in chat about pet rank spells and growl.....realisation moment and facepalm moment all in one..... I had never bothered to train my pet or use its growl ability.....
    Easy sailing from that point on and Hunter became my Main Character throughout all expansions..I loved the class and I loved the Jobs hunters got throughout the expansions..A Good Hunter that knew how to do these niche things in certain raids and dungeons was always valued in Raids..I was Always the first hunter to get invited into the raid group as they knew they could count on me for specific jobs that noone else wanted to do or could do as majority of the fail at that task and you wipe the raid...I loved it ( kiting end boss in UBRS or conveyor belt in WoD raids, killing certain mobs/packs before they can reach dps/heal groups etc etc)

  • Luke Wachtel

    Luke Wachtel

     21 days ago

    The nine in the raceselectionscreen in the namebar is triggering me

  • Geralt of Rivia

    Geralt of Rivia

     21 days ago

    This is like me, i was appallingly bad when i first started. I was a warlock and I died soooo many times against ?? level enemies, i didn't know that meant far too powerful for me. I dragged a spell off my toolbar and petitioned a GM because i thought i lost the spell forever. I saved up for a sword because i figured a warlock should have one. I remember seeing my first world dragon and my jaw actually dropped.

  • Sable Rain

    Sable Rain

     a months ago

    I love hearing the silly things people did when they were new to WoW. I used to replace my greens with whites if they had more armor. I also couldn't make it to the top of the spiraling ramps in Teldrassil. 😂

  • Sam Coschka

    Sam Coschka

     a months ago

    I made a guild called bounty hunters on a PvE server that tried to sell killing people who killed others while I was level 20.

  • jim bob

    jim bob

     a months ago

    shit im glad id already been playing tibia, runescape, and diablo 2 way before i ever set foot in wow....

  • jim bob

    jim bob

     a months ago

    never casted spells in the starting area as a mage.... ho... HOW?!?! 1080p wasnt even mainstream at the time

  • jojo1der


     a months ago

    My first character was a hunter which I leveled to 30 without even taming a pet and just going melee. It's funny how bad we all were when we started the game lol

  • Vesper Lilly Ann Pratt

    Vesper Lilly Ann Pratt

     a months ago

    It doesnt matter what spec you are, You level until >AT LEAST< consecrate in holy or how do you even play the class at all lol

  • Charlie E. Geraldi

    Charlie E. Geraldi

     a months ago

    This is making me remember my very first character in WoW, may you rest in a good place, khalarloko, son of khalarzin. The best glomblade of ogrimmar, good days when i had all the time and money to level up with buddies that i didn't even know at the time, i went over a year to rank up from level 1 through level 90, i was a filthy casul, but i was enjoying it so much.

  • Christian Dietz

    Christian Dietz

     a months ago

    My first toon was a human pally. Northshire abby, of course. Then i somehow stumbled upon the exit the world is huge(still in elvyn). So, that quest, i needed to go to a place called Goldshire. I was asking everyone in sight where is Goldshire...while being in Goldshire. Oh the facepalms!

  • William Tweed

    William Tweed

     a months ago

    So since we are sharing embarrassing moments. In early Vanilla my night elf druid had to do a class quest for what I want to say was aquatic form. I took the boat from Darkshore to Menethil Harbor and then proceeded to swim the entire coastline on the western part of the Easteen Kingdoms from Menethil Harbor all the way to Westfall. Also...Was that orchestrated DKC2 music in the backround toward the end?

  • Natasha Chuah

    Natasha Chuah

     a months ago

    My first pet as a NE hunter was this black and grey striped tiger/panther cat from the beginner zone with a single ability - Cower. There I was, wondering why the heck mobs kept attacking me when pets were supposed to hold aggro and tank. Then I read the description. Cower lowered my pet's threat, making the mobs come for me instead xD

  • Poli


     a months ago

    Does MadSeason have a Let’splay at all on WoW Vanilla?

  • Melanie Robertson

    Melanie Robertson

     a months ago

    the one with boat... i can't... :D

  • Discoloured Buttflaps

    Discoloured Buttflaps

     a months ago +1

    i remember being a hunter and taming every new animal i saw... i just couldn't wait to see what cool abilities they have