The Foundation for a Successful Marriage

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 26, 2016
  • After Adrienne shares she’s in premarital counseling, Tamera, Jeannie and Loni give advice for her upcoming nuptials.
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    Sunshine Diaz


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    Sunshine Diaz

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  • Coco channel

    Coco channel

     6 days ago

    Hahhhhhhhhhh i love y alllllll

  • Aa’s Club

    Aa’s Club

     7 days ago

    This show is for lonely and depressed old black buzzards waiting to pounce on their next victim who shows them the slightest feeling of attention.

  • WSR WeeklyPicks

    WSR WeeklyPicks

     7 days ago

    i am obsessed with these boss women especially with adrienne omg she is such a beauty. as all of them

  • Melonie Haughton

    Melonie Haughton

     7 days ago

    I like the way Loni did that, still married, soon to be divorced, divorced, she's smart as she said she did the opposite of what Tamera and Jeannie did, she was making a point, obviously they all did different reason why u have 3 different outcomes and Adrienne can learn from all 3, good job Loni.

  • What Ever

    What Ever

     14 days ago

    You are single but still married in 2016? Was this going on back then as well or did Loni give Jeannie a character to enact not knowing what will happen?

  • juffrouw pe

    juffrouw pe

     21 days ago

    Wait tamara and Adam are divorced????

  • Candice Williams

    Candice Williams

     28 days ago

    People were goin a clap for Adrienne not going to therapy smh........ school shooter folks! In the audience!

  • Liane Layman

    Liane Layman

     28 days ago

    Loni is so funny.

  • Zobea Hussain

    Zobea Hussain

     a months ago

    This is my favourite video, so cute 💚👌🏽

  • Nouran


     a months ago

    i need these ladies as my bffs lol

  • Odille Houetognon

    Odille Houetognon

     a months ago

    Loni is so funny

  • Narmeen Pallett

    Narmeen Pallett

     a months ago +1

    I just find it weird that adrienne brought up the infidelity issue in her past but not the infidelity issue in israel's past marriage! He cheated why did she not mention how she feels abt that? I think probably when she said she doesnt wanna look stupid and say " i know he wud never ever do that to me" maybe she was hinting shes anxious he might cheat ??? I dont know i just always feel weird when adrienne talks abt cheating etc coz of israel's past

  • SweetNovember000


     2 months ago

    Loni is so beautiful...I can’t get over it❤️

  • Steph Powell

    Steph Powell

     2 months ago

    Please get Loni's make up back to this. She looks natural and gorgeous here. So tired of the over the top contouring!

  • unknown unknown

    unknown unknown

     2 months ago

    I love Loni sooooo much! Just her facial expressions! LOVE!!!

  • Richard B

    Richard B

     2 months ago

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  • Jay Janzee

    Jay Janzee

     2 months ago

    I really like Jeannie's advice, especially regarding the finance. That's not a common discussion amongst engaged or dating couples. So once the honeymoon phase is over and the financial reality takes over, couples are drowning in loss and expections of their financial reality, which begins to affect how they communicate with each other. That's perhaps why many couples who divorce over financial reasons end their marriage, because there were no discussion on the expectations during financial hardships

  • Sherry Kay Beauty&Vlogs

    Sherry Kay Beauty&Vlogs

     3 months ago

    Looooooooool when Loni said is be making any 😭😭😭😭