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  • Published on:  Monday, August 26, 2019
  • Cruises are the fastest growing travel sector in the United States, with 20 million people setting sail annually. On the latest Patriot Act, Hasan probes into what cruise lines like Royal Caribbean and Carnival don't advertise: the way they exploit workers, skimp on safety, and sweep crime under the rug.

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  • Redwana Tabassum

    Redwana Tabassum

     37 minutes ago

    If you really look at traveling with some perspective, cruise prices aren't even a good value or all that affordable at all. My partner and I recently went on an extremely fulfilling 2 month trip to Peru that cost 8k for the both of us, comparable to what we pay to live in an expensive US city. We used airline vouchers from flights we got bumped from, airbnbs and fancy hotels, ate at restaurants every day, tour guides, admissions, the works. Once you stop going to white, solely English speaking safe spaces where you never have to deviate from what's familiar, the whole world opens up to you. if you have a strict budget like we had, long extended trips are possible, and for cruise prices, you could have a really nice week stint in Paris or whatever strikes your fancy

  • roof potatos

    roof potatos

     7 hours ago

    I worked for Steiner Transocean, Elemis spas for two different cruise companies. One Italian flagged and the other Greek flagged ship. This is completely right on. Sexual harassment and sexual assault is a huge problem with the crew as well. Due to overwork, rampant drinking occurs, poor medical care and in our case, forced to pay for a "Norweigen Medical" exam, which was about $475 to get groped by a very strange doctor, followed by a drug test. We found out that the Filipino workers in the spa made about 50% less than the rest of us. We only made $7.75 an hour plus tips for massage. We would often have to do 8-10 hour long massages a day. I once was forced to do inventory all night long after working an 8 hour massage day, then allowed to sleep for 2 hours before starting another 8 hours of massage (12 hour days, due to change between clients). I got to go to some really great places, but I also had days where I thought about throwing myself overboard.

  • Brian Joseph

    Brian Joseph

     22 hours ago

    Wheels on the bus

  • wolfgang kichai

    wolfgang kichai


    Gaaademit !! now I’m canceling my trip 🤨🤨

  • Elmindrida Lucky

    Elmindrida Lucky


    $1500 a person is a steal???

  • svfutbol20



    Cruises are fucking terrible. Hey, lets build a shitty hotel on a massively expensive boat so we can justify charging midwest families insane rates to float around aimlessly and occasionally dock at poor hurricane ravaged ports to buy some knockoff Gucci handbags

  • Evelyn Barrios

    Evelyn Barrios

     2 days ago +1

    I like John Oliver better 😝

  • Jose Garcia

    Jose Garcia

     2 days ago

    Bro I wanted to go on a cruse ship know I have to feel guilty. 😅

  • Daniel Embree

    Daniel Embree

     2 days ago

    He looks like he should have an accent, but he doesn’t.

  • Priscilla V

    Priscilla V

     2 days ago

    Wow, i used to go on cruises but then realized how terrible they were. Don't do them anymore. We should really be boycotting this industry. They don't care about the passengers or their employees and they aren't paying their fair share of taxes.... so we really don't need to support them. Thank you Hasan!

  • skyworldita


     2 days ago +1

    I was thinking about it. But no.. I will never go on a cruise at these conditions.

  • Alexandre Aimon

    Alexandre Aimon

     2 days ago

    Carnival emits 10 times more life threatening gas than all the cars in Europe? Maybe we should address this? I've never been on a cruise, and I think I'll never will, but I think that's a really childishly capricious way to endanger the parameters needed for life on earth. Then there are those Americans tying two trucks together by the rear and to see which one has more torque... Drinking soda from an aluminium can with a plastic straw is pretty ressources consuming and childish too... well, I guess we're fucked then

  • maruf sadriwala

    maruf sadriwala

     2 days ago

    What about the Filipino female workers. You never mentioned them. Or how much would they be compensated.

  • Working _Man

    Working _Man

     2 days ago

    I am staying home.

  • Sean -Chesthole- Osman

    Sean -Chesthole- Osman

     3 days ago

    One of the Rockafellers knows what it is to be in a world of his own. He was eaten by cannibals. And this was in 1961. The cannibals probably turned off their TVs, and bitched about telemarketers interrupting their meal.

  • Bright Horizons

    Bright Horizons

     3 days ago

    Who’s here because of the comment on the daily show

  • b


     3 days ago +1

    the constant camera shifts and pivots is dizzying and unnescessary. Are they really concerned the entertainment isn't going to be riveting enough without the pony show?

  • Freya407


     3 days ago

    I used to only wonder about emissions and contagious diseases when people gush about cruises. Now... o.0

  • Chuck Beickel

    Chuck Beickel

     4 days ago

  • Anne B.

    Anne B.

     4 days ago +1

    As a former Travel Consultant for American Express Travel, I specialized in Group cruises as well as individual and family cruises. I had my own crappy experience on Carnival Cruise lines. My roommate and I continually caught our cabin Stewart trying to climb over onto our balcony from the adjacent cabin. He also tried using his master key to try and enter late at night but we kept the doors locked and bolted. We found him lurking in our cabin one evening around 1am and his excuse was he was tidying up the room for us. I reported him to security and all they did was relocate him to another level. I can't tell you how upset that made me know there was no legal recourse for crew members who violated the law or rules of the Seas. No doubt he was trying to gain entry in hopes of raping one or both of us. We had to remain guarded for 4 out of 7 days to make sure we didn't open up our cabin to find him or anyone else inside. The cruise lines don't care if a passenger is assaulted, raped, robbed or murdered. Or simply vanish never to be seen again. From that cruise on whenever a client wanted to take a cruise I gave them a reference guide that also had safety tips for them and they're family members... particularly young women and children. Thankfully I never had a single report in 11 years and I am grateful for that. As a Travel Agent, you want your clients to be able to take a worry-free and enjoyable cruise vacation. And more so, a safe one.