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  • Published on:  Monday, June 10, 2019
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  • Jamel Moore

    Jamel Moore

     30 minutes ago

    Put it in drive and then do a drift

  • KingDelta16


     3 hours ago

    I would leave the car

  • honey -3-

    honey -3-

     3 hours ago

    My anxiety when she showed the first one 📈

  • Machell Rodgers

    Machell Rodgers

     6 hours ago

    I stepped on a nail and it went in my foot

  • DragonTDC


     7 hours ago

    The luckiest thing that has happened to me is

    Almost dieing but saved by god

  • oskar watson

    oskar watson

     18 hours ago

    Finding your channel what's the luckiest thing ever

  • Enoch Ku

    Enoch Ku

     22 hours ago

    I got stabbed with a rusty nail and I'm not dead

  • Mack Interrante

    Mack Interrante



  • Charathyst Dremurr

    Charathyst Dremurr

     yesterday +1

    People who love Sssiperwolf

  • Chloe Kimbley

    Chloe Kimbley


    I won all the Stuffed animals in the claw machine case I pushed one and you know how they are all atleast touching....well I pushed one whitch pushed another and another til I got em ALL

  • Galaxi Gurl 4 Eva

    Galaxi Gurl 4 Eva


    The luckiest thing that happened to me is winning three major prizes at the arcade!!!!

  • Jason Premo

    Jason Premo


    you got smash like from Davie 5o4

  • Multi Talentz

    Multi Talentz

     2 days ago

    Samonela ??? From a raw egg???? I drink raw eggs and milk every morning man!

  • mariam othman

    mariam othman

     2 days ago +1

    some of the luckiest people get to meet Mr beast

  • Arielle Day

    Arielle Day

     2 days ago

    At my school gym I throw the basketball backwards and it landed then I threw the bunch of more time and it's still wind up except one time it didn't but don't like the last tribe and it's landed like a bunch of times if you would have did that wonder what you would have said if you would have seen that all I did was go right behind my back

  • Felicia white56

    Felicia white56

     2 days ago




     2 days ago

    U say u wanna meet one of those people who are lucky because the nail runs straight through their shoes, well I'm one of those people, I was walking 3 times and buck my toe on something then I realized it was a nail it runs through the tip of my foot but between my toe. The second time it went beside my foot, and the third time it went right between my toe

  • Jamya Parker

    Jamya Parker

     2 days ago

    That happened to me i had a lot of chips at the food market and jk that did not happened

  • Rachael Garcia

    Rachael Garcia

     2 days ago

    I stepped in a nail when I was 4 omg it went right through my foot

  • Stephanie Pearce

    Stephanie Pearce

     2 days ago +1

    I found a £20 note :)