Behind the Scenes | Giving Yuumi a Voice

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 9, 2019
  • Voice actor Cassandra Lee Morris and narrative writer Rayla Heide visited a cat cafe to discuss cat personalities, inspiration for Yuumi, and how voice-over brings champions to life.
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  • erka erka hosoo

     2 months ago

    I want a behinde scenes on evelynn's voice 😅

  • jay huang



  • Archangel Lucifer

     12 days ago

    Actually there is a behinde scenes on evelynn's voice, but for her russian voice. I suggest you to check it.)

  • Ama Yuu

     2 months ago

    Rayla Heide: "I really want to have a cat champion that I can play."Rengar: "Am I a joke to you?"

  • Awkward Poro

     12 days ago

    She musta blew the right person in balance team I guess

  • CtrlFreak

     27 days ago

    @RiAn JaNeY Ahri is a Fox, which is closer to dog species than cat

  • PaxEU

     2 months ago

    From Pyke the bloodharbor rippertoYuumi - A cat.

  • MrBluePants

     24 days ago

    @jaceaguar EXACTLY! But Yuumi players don't do that...

  • jaceaguar

     24 days ago

    @MrBluePants true.. but to play her properly / well they should be constantly moving on and off people and weaving in autos for shields.

  • vProtoniic

     2 months ago

    I really wanted to have a cat champoin*Meows in Rengar*

  • Louis Moh

     27 days ago

    Nah, Meows in Yorick

  • J Zhan

     1 months ago

    @Hans DeCastro Tonigh we MEOOOOW~

  • Jean Paul Celestino

     2 months ago

    I want a behind the scene for JHIN's voice!!

  • The Mysterious Chronos

     6 days ago

    Oh yes

  • Daniel Sohn

     1 months ago

    @Zita Haha! Y'all welcome.

  • Katarina

     2 months ago

    Who else thought this would be in a studio recording the voice for her?

  • Penguiking

     2 months ago

    Different kat....

  • Aline R

     2 months ago

    yeah a little disappointed xD

  • KMS - Sensei

     2 months ago

    Me: Mom we need a Yuumi in our house Mom: We already have a Yuumi in our house Yuumi in Home: Pretty Kitty Rengar

  • Fenro

     2 months ago

    I want a behind the scenes "balance team and bug fixing" video :)

  • William Lindroos

     1 months ago


  • GalawangBrian .T.v

     2 months ago

    @Skiadrum ok sir

  • Pothead Pikachu

     2 months ago

    League Players: "We want cat girls"Riot Games: "What about girl cats?"

  • KiwiKouhai

     1 months ago


  • Zvone Basic

     2 months ago

    2:44 "I really wanted to have a cat chapion that i could play"Nidalee: Am I a joke to you? Rengar: ?!?!?!?!?!?!!

  • Alphis

     2 months ago

    Champions that she could play, rengo, nidalee are too hard I guess, gotta make a support that can literally get carried instead :)

  • Mało Ważny

     2 months ago

    They are more like furry, it does not count...