How To Make A $300 Camera Look Pro!

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 14, 2019
  • This is an updated video to my last "crappy to happy" lighting video. I tried to make this as easy to follow as possible and use gear that anyone could get their hands on. The purpose of this video is NOT to get caught up in the gear I use because its much more about the technique and light placement that really makes the shot look better. I use the gear I have which I do consider budget-friendly considering most YouTubers use a $700 120D light, but I guess its all relative. I hope you enjoy!

    Here are links to the gear that I used BUT the same effect can be accomplished with even cheaper gear. (these are affiliate links so using them REALLY helps me out!)
    - Light dimmer
    - RX 8T Lights
    - Cheap Umbrella
    - Light stand I use
    - RGB light
    - Umbrella bracket

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    My whole filmmaking kit:

    Gear I currently own.
    (Buying from these links REALLY helps me out!)
    Panasonic GH3 (discontinued)
    I recommend this instead:

    My main lens (check eBay for the DJI version too, I can be found pretty cheap!)

    other micro 4/3 lenses I'd recommend:


    Variable ND Filters I use!

    Cheap slider I use:


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    Huge thanks to My Patrons!

    Tiff “TheFemGeek”
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    The Vagabond Photographer!
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  • Jordan Moore

    Jordan Moore

     2 months ago +1695

    Just found this video because of YouTube’s “Creator on the Rise” I’ve been wanting to start my own YouTube channel but I’ve felt insecure bc of how the image looks coming out. After fixing the things on my camera I’m sure I’ll have more confident when starting to make videos. Thank you!!

  • Asgard Studios

    Asgard Studios

     an hour ago

    Fantastic tutorial! The break down of each step was incredibly helpful. Best wishes from Canada!

  • CEG


     3 hours ago

    Thank you so much for the great info! What a huge difference!
    Since I'm just starting out, I would have liked to have seen you pan back around to the actual lighting setup/stands/equipment in front of you, as this is all new to me.
    I just subscribed to your channel and will definitely check out your other videos for more info!

  • CervezaDam


     4 hours ago

    Thanks, I was about to start saving money for a new camera. Love your voice, btw <3

  • A'skY Mabar

    A'skY Mabar

     21 hours ago

    can i get pin at this comment and like?😁

  • Nate


     23 hours ago

    Can you link those practicals?

  • The Portrait Dude

    The Portrait Dude

     23 hours ago

    Fantastic job man I really appreciate the effort put into this. Very helpful

  • agincourt141



    Really helpful, thank you.

  • Trinity Walk

    Trinity Walk



  • Croz 1007

    Croz 1007


    The people that think that a more expensive camera will fix things are the ones that don't get it. When a person sees a big camera they assume that the owner is a pro photog, but they are misinformed. This is smart to show people that they need to wake up and even cheap gear can work with a bit of knowledge.

  • LegendvilleFilms



    Not all heroes wear capes. Thank you sir

  • DJ Tha Prince

    DJ Tha Prince

     2 days ago

    That’s dope man, awesome! No video editing?

  • VilBear


     2 days ago

    thank you 🤗 ... new sub here

  • Max Wilson Pereira

    Max Wilson Pereira

     2 days ago

    Very cool! Thanks!

  • Matthew Valley

    Matthew Valley

     2 days ago

    Good example of "Great content". Thanks for sharing with us, Nigel.

  • Light Ning

    Light Ning

     2 days ago

    Great Video

  • Dan Frullani

    Dan Frullani

     2 days ago

    Very good video: interesting, clear, easy to follow and very informative! I bought a Canon 90D a couple of months ago...and I started to use my Canon M50 much less than I used to....but now I might try to put in practice what you describe in this video shooting with my cheaper camera (the M50) and see how it goes! ah by the way what frame rate have you shot this video? Thanks!

  • jessy martin

    jessy martin

     2 days ago

    just saw the title and my only response is if your $300 camera doesnt already look professional you got duped

  • shayajs


     2 days ago

    Woow amazing!!

  • Dario Venturini

    Dario Venturini

     3 days ago

    Thank you !