Baking Wild MEAT in MUD | Strange Ancient Cooking Technique! | Handdrill, Knotweed, Burdock, Leeks

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 25, 2018
  • I will show you how to cook wild deer meat over an open fire in the woods using only natural materials like clay, burdock and tree bark. I use stone tools to infuse the meat with wild leek flavor.

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    Our ancestors had to find ways to cook without pots and pans, and one of those ways was to carefully wrap meat before slowly baking them with heat from the fire.

    I will season the venison with wild leeks harvested on the spot and serve with a side of the wild edible invasive species; Japanese knotweed.

    I will also introduce you to edible Japanese Knot weed or Giant Knot weed and talk about how it can be used raw and eaten, cooked, sauted and it's invasive properties.

    The mushroom I showed is pheasant back or Dryad's Saddle is edible, but should be harvested while small.

    Wild leeks can be found in dry hardwoods in the spring or any time of year if you know where they are located. They resemble tulip greens, but smell very much like onion if disturbed. I will infuse the meat with flavor and moisture by shoving the leeks all the way into the meat.

    In the technique, the venison is wrapped in leek leaves and then burdock to protect it from the clay. The claw is then molded to the outside of the meat and dropped into the fire for 45 minutes to 1 hour in direct heat. Fire is built up around the clay mound so that it touches all sides in a sort of fire nest. Clay is porous, but can also take a lot of heat. The burdock, leeks and clay also release moisture during cooking to keep the meat from drying. This is important since no oil is available to help prevent the meat from become inedible and dry.

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