BHAD BHABIE feat. Lil Baby "Geek'd" BTS Music VIdeo | Danielle Bregoli

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 25, 2018
  • See how we made the GEEK'D movie feat Lil Baby🔥 My debut mixtape "15" out NOW! 👉 ! 📀

    🐕 Watch “Gucci Flip Flop Remix” 👉
    🔊 Stream “Gucci Flip Flop REMIX” Ft. Snoop Dogg & Plies ⏯
    ⚙️Geek'd up💰music video 🚔 feat. Lil Baby 👉
    🥇WaTch “Yung And Bhad” (Official Audio) ➡️
    👂🏻StrEam "Yung And Bhad" ⏯
    ❶❺ StReAm "15 (INTRO)" freestyle 👉
    👀 WaTcH “Trust Me” music video ➡️
    🤫 “Trust Me” lyric video ⏯
    ❓Stream ”Trust Me” ➡️
    🔥 “Gucci Flip Flops” music video ⏯
    ⛵️StReAm ”Gucci Flip Flops” ⏯
    👋🏻 🐩HI BICH REMIX ➡️
    👜STREAM "Hi Bich Remix" ➡️
    🚙BOTH OF EM music video ➡️
    🚓STREAM "Both Of Em"➡️
    👯‍♀️I GOT IT music video ➡️
    💵STREAM "I Got It" ➡️
    🖤 STREAM "Mama Don't Worry (Still Ain't Dirty") ➡️
    👋🏻Hi Bich / Whachu Know music video ➡️
    🚨STREAM "Hi Bich" ➡️ 🖤💀🎤🔥
    🔥STREAM "Whachu Know" ➡️

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  • Jayden Jones

    Jayden Jones

     a months ago

    I loved the song

  • Jayden Jones

    Jayden Jones

     a months ago

    You dressed up as a minion cute

  • Catherine Smith

    Catherine Smith

     2 months ago

    So cool

  • Nevaeh Plays

    Nevaeh Plays

     9 months ago

    There looks like there’s a rat in the Back and u are the best

  • Fever Dreams

    Fever Dreams

     11 months ago

    Oh Jesus I thought BTS was gonna sing it holy crap

  • W G

    W G

     11 months ago

    For ppl who don't know BTS means behind the scenes

  • Luv & Bounce New Orleanz

    Luv & Bounce New Orleanz

     11 months ago

    She's and aries that doesn't get along with fire just wanted to say that 😂

  • Mikenna’s Rainbow Life

    Mikenna’s Rainbow Life

     11 months ago

    It’s so weird thinking that Danielle is the same age as Jojo Siwa... They are sooo different 😂

  • Sugar Bubbless

    Sugar Bubbless

     11 months ago

    Can you army’s stfu please

  • Janae 999

    Janae 999

     11 months ago

    who else watched geekd up for about 50 times

  • Pøsitive . Addy

    Pøsitive . Addy

     a years ago

    Love the song 👑❤️

  • Marchosias Rex

    Marchosias Rex

     a years ago

    Wigger alert.....Little white girl trying to act hard.........HAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHAH HAHAHAHAHA AHAHAH

  • SonKevi422 Zombies

    SonKevi422 Zombies

     a years ago +1

    I no it's a part of your 2017 self but my favorite song from you is HI BICH

  • naneki Games

    naneki Games

     a years ago

    JoJo Cy season dance mum and she says she's not leaving Daniel alone she's my friend leave her alone and she swears at her because she could so you could Daniel that she look like 5 years old she's 15 years old and you are 34 years old and should a flip out

  • 624 Money

    624 Money

     a years ago

    Someone who is being mean to her keep in mind she is 15 not 20 or 19

  • The Path Of Rock

    The Path Of Rock

     a years ago

    Bullshit song..... it doesn't stands anywhere.... get the hell out from youtube......

  • Jack Selam

    Jack Selam

     a years ago

    regular guys : what I'm not a bitch

    me : HOW DO U ME ! 5 minutes later oh yeah I'm a guy 😳

  • Setres


     a years ago

    She is so cuuute

  • ggeepp-m ____

    ggeepp-m ____

     a years ago

    The "little metal thing" is called a grinder.

  • GA3lOW


     a years ago

    <3 mexico <3