PASTOR Reacts to Billie Eilish - all the good girls go to hell!

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 6, 2019
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  • Pastor Reacts!

    Pastor Reacts!

     2 months ago +158

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  • Savage H

    Savage H

     16 hours ago

    Here’s what I think she’s saying. I think she’s saying if for some reason you get cast out of Heaven or god abandons you for whatever it may be. Then that makes you a enemy of god if he’s gonna attack you and doesn’t care for you anymore then what else is there for you to go to, but the devil himself. Cause there’s two factions heaven and hell which team are you on if god doesn’t want or care for you anymore for whatever reasons then she’s saying the only person left is the devil to turn and go to for comfort and protection of her very existence. But here is MY theory on that let’s call it the PURGATORY theory what if god never truly casts one out regardless of what they do he never wants to truly throw his creation away in the fire no so what if it’s a test the cast out for whatever sin you were consumed by or whatever mistake you did he will still open the door or gate for you if you change who you are and seek and get redemption call it the ultimate test your out of the golden city of existence the best place there ever will be cause of whatever mistake on the team of heaven you being cast out DOESNT mean you HAVE to go to the devil why not spend the rest of your time proving and trying to be a good person and trying to get redeemed and forgiveness and once you do he takes you back regardless of how long it was or what it took. That’s my theory just cause you were cast out of Heaven doesn’t mean you have to change teams to the devil, I mean after all getting cast out or a back turned on you never said go to the devil. OR it could just be about global warming that’s what I heard lol.

  • ash M

    ash M


    I thank you for saying shes great I love you for that

  • black raven

    black raven


    The song is about how we are making the earth more and more damaged basically it is about climate change

  • Richard Noble

    Richard Noble

     2 days ago

    the rev, is closer to the idea than hippy dude who is over thinking a simple song about climate change and denial.

  • Lori Crawford

    Lori Crawford

     4 days ago

    Watch Billie and her brother do "All the good girls go to hell" live on the Howard Stern show.
    My view has changed. I think they were sitting around and made it up.
    There may be references to global warming also.

  • Pun988


     4 days ago

    Why would you do a review but do no research on her original idea at all....

  • War Panda

    War Panda

     4 days ago

    "she's a satanist."

    *ok boomer*

  • Akane Sasu

    Akane Sasu

     4 days ago +1

    Just for your information... This song has DOUBLE MEANING.
    1st - is that this song clouded the mind of people saying that It was about a climate change.
    2nd - its about the Lucifer himself. Using the name of Lucifer and Peter so lightly is....obviously targeting to make like lucifer is powerful than God Himself even if the satan lucifer himself is nothing compared to God and when she said that Peter is on vacation is like saying all the diciples of God is on vacation and the ministers of God nowdays is in a leisure state and have no rush in giving Gospel.
    And due to that, suffering people is asking satan himself to be on their team. Even if satan is Evil and God is Good.
    So remember . This song conveys 2 meaning at the same time. This is so sickly corrupting the mind of people while for believers in Christ...beware of the time. HE is Coming. The 1 true God. The MESSIAH!

  • Gary Simonds

    Gary Simonds

     4 days ago

    Could she be talking about war. Like "wants the devil on her side"

  • Kimora johnson

    Kimora johnson

     5 days ago

    My Christian grandma said God has no race has no gender he is light a spirit it's just too much for us to comprehend

  • Oof And i oop

    Oof And i oop

     5 days ago

    The dude on left kinda looks like jesus

  • MusicLyrics 06

    MusicLyrics 06

     5 days ago

    What I got from this song and what I know it is about is global warming with like biblical references. Say she is singing in the devil's perspective ok. The devil is saying to God your gonna need my help when the water rises and global warming ends humanity because heaven will be full. You will need to start putting some of the good girls in hell because there would be no room in heaven after the world ends from man killing the earth. And at the one part where she says, man is such a fool why are we saving him, poisoning themselves now begging for our help wow. I feel like she in the devil's perspective asking God why they should save a species that killed itself. And Christian's are the one begging god for help to save the earth. And another thing is Peter is (I think, I know like nothing about the Bible) the person who I guess guards the gates of heaven and he was on vacation so anyone could go in letting bad people in heaven so god will have to send some good girls to hell. Ok sorry if this was all over the place but it's pretty much what I think.

  • Sania Eve

    Sania Eve

     7 days ago

    God's gender does not matter. These are little things that derail Christians on their walk. He's referred to with male pronouns but he's a spirit which doesn't have a gender. However this video is satanic and any follower of Jesus of the Bible would recognise this. This is not only about Global Warming but everything has a double meaning. Lord help us and bring conviction.

  • natnael ms gang

    natnael ms gang

     7 days ago +1

    How cursed I am watching this video

  • John Arevalo

    John Arevalo

     7 days ago +1

    Song was trash and her subliminal messages was worse

  • run4walk


     7 days ago

    Honestly, at around the 13 minute mark when the pastor starts talking about the devil causing the water to rise and God wanted the devil on her team etc etc.

    What the pastor said about all of that is absolutely spot on. Now if only he realised that humans are the devil and She is our planet.

  • Jeremiah Murphy

    Jeremiah Murphy

     7 days ago +1

    The girl is pure evil she is a pawn of the devil its very simple. Call out evil as you see it people!

  • Jeremiah Murphy

    Jeremiah Murphy

     7 days ago +1

    How a pastor can be watching this and not be livid makes me sad. They are witnessing the devil and not condemning it fully. This is a very sad video. Shows how blind many Christians are to the real spiritual war going on as we speak!

  • Vincent Soule

    Vincent Soule

     7 days ago +1

    The priest on JOLLY really got it on the point without looking up the actual meaning. His reactions are my favorite.