Pros and Cons of buying land with a river or creek on it.

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 27, 2017
  • A look at the opportunities and challenges of owning property with a creek or river on it.
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  • Alvin Hah

    Alvin Hah

     7 days ago

    Couldn't he build his own driveway, just as the neighbor did?

  • Smoke


     7 days ago

    That natural gravel and sand takes years to build up/create itself

  • Chris Ingram

    Chris Ingram

     21 days ago

    I seen a man buy used railroad rails and welded them together for bridge frame to cross a creek then used wood for the deck to drive on.. wasnt expensive ..

  • L.M. Green

    L.M. Green

     1 months ago


  • Isaac Simmons

    Isaac Simmons

     1 months ago

    I'm in O'burg, SC and own land. Where is you?

  • FliesAtNightWoman


     1 months ago

    Me, not having a lot of river / creek experience; you're scaring me a little, walking freely into that river/creek like that, 'cause the water looks very cloudy &/or muddy....If you cannot see to the bottom, you cannot see where you're stepping! 😱😱 You gotta be careful of drop-offs, sink-holes, & even sudden Flooding as you're walking around in that river like that....So I'm gonna ask the "silly" question---Are there any gators / river monsters in there (along with the snakes you've already mentioned)?!? 😨😦

  • P N

    P N

     2 months ago

    an acre in that area is about how much?

  • P N

    P N

     2 months ago

    I think you can still build something cheap so you can drive across and still allow the water have its way.

  • P N

    P N

     2 months ago

    I recently saw a piece of land just like that, a creek runs through, but it's not as nice as yours. I would make the best out of a small bridge:)

  • Jerry Lifsey

    Jerry Lifsey

     2 months ago

  • Glockman 155

    Glockman 155

     3 months ago

    Pros= you got water. Cons=it could flood, so build up on piling.

  • Carolina Bass Hunter

    Carolina Bass Hunter

     4 months ago

    Hey just found your channel! 👍

  • bofeesnuts


     4 months ago

    The Supreme Court says that if it is navigable then you only own up to normal high water mark. All rivers etc that are deemed navigable are held in public trust. People can sit on the bank of the river, creek, etc not pass the normal high water mark.

  • Mar 21 7? Rocks

    Mar 21 7? Rocks

     4 months ago +1

    I truly hate people who think it's their right to "own" an entire waterway and attemot to keep others from using it. What makes you more special than the next human?

  • Motorcitymadman


     5 months ago

    Thats how you get a "GREAT DEAL" on land. Always look at zoning, ordinances and EPA garbage. We dont own land you have to have permission to do anything on the States property. I did like what one of the commenters said. You may have to have it able to get a fire truck in there. If not you may not be able to build a house on it if fire and police cant get in freely.

  • Kaaps Loc

    Kaaps Loc

     6 months ago

    i love the dorky dad vibes he gives off

  • Cynthia Johansen

    Cynthia Johansen

     6 months ago

    My biggest concern with the river crossing access is: What will be acceptable to emergency vehicles, should their services be needed, particularly and Ambulance/EMS or Fire Truck? What must the Bridge be, to be deemed worthy to their eyes or policy, to cross it?

  • basant vimal sharma

    basant vimal sharma

     6 months ago

    Wise mans advise build away from creeks.

  • jacob dyer

    jacob dyer

     7 months ago

    you want to make it cheap? its going to take some hard work on your part!  you have trees which can be turned into logs. ,  strong rope,  strong wire, long cement bolts,  a few bags of  quick dried cement.

  • Susan Paulson

    Susan Paulson

     7 months ago

    Check out Arms Family Homestead. He put a bridge across his river .