Why iPhone XR is a BETTER CHOICE than iPhone XS

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 6, 2018
  • The iPhone XR has gotten a bad rap, and I wanted to set the record straight by doing a detailed comparison review. Let’s see if I can convince some of you to believe in the iPhone XR!
  • Source: https://youtu.be/16IvdLSiJ28


  • GizmoSlipTech


     9 months ago +146

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    Note 9 Giveaway is over. Ivan from NJ won! Congrats dude!
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  • Lexi Ball

    Lexi Ball

     7 months ago +2270

    I upgraded from a flip phone to the XR... I finally have a screen that I can touch so I’m not complaining...

  • Strxw


     2 months ago +794

    This guy sounds like mrbeast but with a slightly deeper voice

  • Gaia-


     1 months ago +301

    Who else is watching this just because is getting an iphone xr?😂
    Edit: i got one!!! I love it😍

  • Ban maximilianmus

    Ban maximilianmus

     4 months ago +597

    U kinda sound like mr.beast

  • Gaurav Verma

    Gaurav Verma

     5 months ago +410

    2.comparable portrait mode
    3.better battery life
    i think its better if u only consider these basic three parameters

  • Vincent Vincent

    Vincent Vincent

     6 months ago +344

    I ditched my rotary-dial-home-telephone attached to my kitchen wall for a brand new iPhone XR. It’s a bit of an upgrade but I really miss the very long telephone cord of my kitchen telephone that I could never untangle.

  • LivingwithKass


     5 months ago +481

    “No one uses their phone like that.”
    Me (who’s super blind) watching this video two inches away from my face 😂😭

  • jamal molina

    jamal molina

     2 days ago +1

    No matter how low I put my volume, you’re still loud 😂

  • Steve Podraza

    Steve Podraza

     yesterday +5

    Should be some big discounts on the xr and xs when the 11 hits 🤘🏻

  • Miguel TSD

    Miguel TSD

     8 months ago +1460

    Went from a 7 to an Xr it’s the best decision ever

  • Josh Tyndall

    Josh Tyndall

     3 months ago +216

    To me, it's not a question. 95% of the features for 75% of the price. Larger screen, same chip, also the storage options are better. I'm not forced to go to the 256GB, I can sit at 128GB which is perfect.

  • ปิงปิง uwu

    ปิงปิง uwu

     6 months ago +184

    Now it just comes to choosing a colour🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Lionblaze


     11 hours ago

    I switched from the Xs to the Xr, I’m very happy with my decision!

  • Erica Murray

    Erica Murray

     5 months ago +121

    Upgraded from a 7 to a XR a couple weeks ago. I LOVE it!

  • Isi


     9 months ago +1775

    i dont know why so many peeps hate the xr

  • ZLAG 2033

    ZLAG 2033

     3 months ago +146

    When I first heard his voice, I thought it was Mr.Beast

  • Razvan Cincu

    Razvan Cincu

     1 months ago +53

    U guys talk about xr's and xs's i'll take any iPhone :((

  • Puspita Sari

    Puspita Sari

     2 months ago +46

    I upgraded from 6s to XR Red. I love it dearly! I don't mind about the 3D Touch because I never used it.

  • Anthony Jasso

    Anthony Jasso

     10 hours ago

    Yo this guy sounds like mr .beast