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  • Published on:  Friday, September 28, 2018
  • Imagine making purchase decisions based on IGN reviews in 2K19... STILL WAITING FOR PART 2! Would be nice to get people who actually play and know NBA 2K19 to review, wouldn't it?

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/1A59YX0O8uk


  • Ashley Banks

    Ashley Banks

     4 days ago

    Pokemon sun and moon was the game ign said had too much water btw

  • Đęmøń Fears

    Đęmøń Fears

     7 days ago +2

    He said imagine the cpu throwing another cpu an alley oop and missing on pro 😂😂

  • Xavier Hayes

    Xavier Hayes

     7 days ago

    Sometimes the commentators would say somethin bout me and I'm like what the fuck u say

  • 403 Cesar

    403 Cesar

     7 days ago

    man i can't believe that 2k really making VC prices higher than the last WHEN EVERYBODY COMPLAINED

  • Franco Alvarez

    Franco Alvarez

     7 days ago +1

    6:09 Eric Bledsoe & George Hill

  • Søren L

    Søren L

     14 days ago

    Dont ever trust a white guy named Chase to review a basketball game

  • The Great Advice Giver

    The Great Advice Giver

     14 days ago

    I traded Collin sexton so damn fast. Every time I got for a game winning 3 and he chucks the ball I get so furious.

  • Zick


     14 days ago

    Yo agent I'm from the future if you think 2k20 good its horrible and you don't get a youtube logoand you have beef wit roonine 2k

  • WdnUlik2no


     2 months ago

    IGN is so full of shit. Also, I just subscribed to this channel.

  • Cubemania


     2 months ago

    IGN hires anyone who can do their reveiw

  • Squeguin Quack

    Squeguin Quack

     2 months ago

    When I want reviews for a game, I watch reviews made by smaller YouTubers, because then I know that they aren’t paid to say good things

  • Everprod


     3 months ago

    yoh for me its lonzo, he ain't pass me the bass im finna trade his ass to new orleans. that clown always missing free throws

  • Chubby_ Bunny

    Chubby_ Bunny

     3 months ago

    Straight Fax Agent!

  • John Doe

    John Doe

     3 months ago

    Why are you still calling this latency? The delay is intentional. There is no technical explanation that can justify why a business making this amount of money cannot remove a giant delay from their online gaming experience.

  • Ulrich Hafez

    Ulrich Hafez

     3 months ago

    If you are tryna buy a game, then take the risk play it, and YOU rate it. Because everybody knows can’t rate anything for shit. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • LeGiT LaZzEr187

    LeGiT LaZzEr187

     3 months ago

    Did he say 2k17 was bad relative to 2k19?

  • Synthesis


     4 months ago

    I don't understand how people take ign seriously

  • Wall Chicken

    Wall Chicken

     4 months ago

    Ign fired that reviewer. The water thing was a joke. Hating on ign is so stupid, people hate on them cause they ain't them. You'll never be as big as them so you say you "cant trust them". Get some talent and then you'll be okay my dude

  • Dan Del Aguaro

    Dan Del Aguaro

     4 months ago

    2K20 is the worst now

  • Dan Del Aguaro

    Dan Del Aguaro

     4 months ago

    IGN released a 2K20 review. rated it 7.6 .....