Jackie Chan Hilariously Critiques Amateur Stunt People

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 12, 2018
  • Nobody in Hollywood has done as many stunts as Jackie Chan. You can tell by the way he can guess exactly what's about to go down in these stunts.SUBSCRIBE to get the latest from #STEVETVShow:Steve Harvey is EVERYWHERE!STEVE Website: stevetv.comFACEBOOK: @STEVEHARVEYTV facebook.com/SteveHarveytvFACEBOOK WATCH: @STILLROLLINGWITHSTEVEfacebook.com/StillRollingWithSteveINSTAGRAM: stevetvshow instagram.com/stevetvshowTWITTER: @SteveTVShowtwitter.com/stevetvshow
  • Source: https://youtu.be/1EU9NNomTGM



     4 months ago

    Jackie Chan looks so confused about why people were laughing about his critiques. He’s so adorable 😂

  • damiester1

     5 days ago

    @Diego Gätjens Just curious, but how many languages do you speak? I speak 3-4 languages and 2 fluently.

  • Score Moore

     6 days ago

    @Diego Gätjens You sound so stupid. I wonder something, if you went to China and cannot speak chinese, then that would be disrespectful right?, according to your logic. Perhaps you've never heard of chinese English?, it would be more disrespectful if he were to learn how to speak proper english. I must say it's always funny to see, so Call fans like you pointing out the most pointless things.

  • Dan Onil Galang

     6 months ago

    One thing, though, Jackie got all those right., he's a pro. Its like watching Gordon Ramsay critique a dish.

  • Baby Sari Diningrat

     10 days ago

    Of course he is..experiences of the year

  • P V

     19 days ago

    you mean Marco Pierre...... well kind of a hybrid of both

  • Your Neighbor Amos

     10 months ago

    Anyone else grow up watching his cartoon on Saturday mornings?

  • TL Young

     11 days ago

    Cannonball run...

  • Jose Lopez

     15 days ago

    Ja huh!

  • MaxxCoyote

     7 months ago

    Man, I could watch Jackie critique this stuff for hours more. It's funny yeah, but it's also cool to see a master craftsman break things down.

  • Zaxares

     4 months ago

    Yeah, Jackie definitely knew his stunt work. Like the bit where he said the guy who took the fall in the first video would be OK, because it's true; if you're trained in stuntwork, you know how to break falls and roll in ways that minimize the injuries to your body. But that last video, where the guy slammed into the fence and it looks like all the force landed squarely on his hips or lower back, that leaves you with no way to diffuse the impact and I wouldn't be surprised if that guy suffered a spinal...

  • MegaBlacky1991

     11 months ago

    Wrong shoes, wrong pants my man jackie chan the bouncer xD

  • onlisan

     2 months ago

    Lpoool u p4p champ now

  • Deborah not important

     11 months ago

    MegaBlacky1991 pan !!! Lol :)

  • Catherine Abellanosa

     7 months ago

    They werw all laughing, but Jackie genuinely was analyzing everything with a critical eye. I love Jackie Chan! I wish I was related to him. 😋

  • S Z

     3 days ago

    Vivan because he is a cheater,a womanizer and a child-neglect

  • Vivan

     3 days ago

    S Z why what happened?

  • Matthew Gil

     6 months ago

    Can this please be a new show I would totally watch Jackie chan critiquing amateur stunt people

  • vlad majorally

     27 days ago

    Segment in the Harvey show

  • danwilson12

     2 months ago

    It could be an ongoing YouTube segment so he can film anywhere anytime he just needs a chair and screen

  • Shakester71

     7 months ago

    Jackie Chan is as down to earth as anyone. I remember when I heard he was in San Francisco's Chinatown, I headed down there as soon as I can just catch a glimpse of him. I was on a bus and noticed a huge crowd. The bus stopped and I was about to get off but before I could, Jackie gets on the bus. He starts shaking everyone's hands. The majority of people on that bus were Chinese, so Jackie was speaking Cantonese to them. I was around 14 years old then. This was around the time of Police Story a...

  • Jamel Watson

     2 months ago

    Two of his best films 💯

  • Hariyo Suseno

     2 months ago

    Project A is a must action movies to watch...must

  • we dont talk about what A.R.M.Y stands for

     5 months ago

    Jackie: wrong shoes.. Wrong pantsAudience: LOLJackie: what?..My fav. Moment

  • Zana Fisabilillah

     11 months ago

    Jackie is a master about this kind of stuff , his accurate predictions and analysis are based on "a lot" of his experiences.

  • WunZep TepWun

     1 months ago

    @momo lolo Even bones broken where its questionable how he's still alive and walking just fine at his age... you'd think his past injuries would creep up on him again as he gets older, but no...

  • Stu West

     11 months ago

    I watch you tube 2 hours a day and I knew what was going to happen in all of the videos.