Replicas - Movie Review

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 11, 2019
  • January is kicking us in the teeth with this mess of a Sci-fi starring Keanu Reeves. Here's my review of REPLICAS!#Replicas
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  • VivaVideo User

     5 months ago

    Is John Wick 3 gonna be him killing all the people who made him do this film?

  • The Nerd Who Loves Entertainment GMJ

     1 months ago

    That is far more entertaining than this movie.

  • jamesmallone

     3 months ago

    "I'm going to kill them. I'm going to kill them all.""Somebody GET. THIS. MAN. A. GUN."

  • Mike French

     5 months ago

    Replicas, see ya in Jeremy's top 10 worst movies of 2019 video

  • Nick Johnson

     10 days ago

    Right alongside Dark Phoenix. :)

  • Starhunter

     4 months ago

    *I'm calling it. It'll be in his top 5.*

  • QuestionMarc

     5 months ago

    Speculating why Keanu did this movie, he is known to participate in projects as favors to friends. Odds are, someone involved in making this movie was very kind to him and asked nicely, and he was kind in return. This attitude has put him in a lot of crappy movies but he refuses to speak ill of them because a lot of people put a lot of hard work into making it and he cares about them.

  • Super Pochaco

     17 days ago

    That explains Knock Knock. Whoo boy what a travesty that was.

  • Kurt DeWitt

     1 months ago

    That's the best explanation. I've heard he is a seriously nice guy.

  • hEwGe 1

     5 months ago

    All I know is that I want a clone of Alice Eve too... Keanu pm me.

  • Jayden Marvel

     1 months ago

    I'm not gonna lie, I actually liked this movie.

  • Eu U

     4 days ago

    Same here

  • Youtube Central

     9 days ago

    Same lol. First half was a bit boring but later it was good. It's the dialogue sucks. The idea of cloning is good

  • Jamie Sorge

     4 months ago

    God, I love when Jeremy gets pissed off! Well done, sir!

  • Jaxson Shoemaker

     5 months ago

    *Worst of 2019* list already coming together I see...

  • Jaxson Shoemaker

     5 months ago

    @Craig James Review I'll give you a shot if you check out my written reviews lmao Instagram: @Instacinemareviews

  • Craig James Review

     5 months ago

    yup, it would have to be a particularly heinous year for this to miss anyone's lists. If you're interested, I reviewed this movie on my channel if you wouldn't mind giving another youtuber a shot.

  • imperiajor

     5 months ago

    oh my god, now "i have to see" this masterpiece :)

  • kiid Deus

     5 months ago

    Literally this was what happened at the head office:Intern walks into meeting roomIntern: So I was thinking of this really cool idea for a movie. What if someone was working for this biotech company that was trying to transfer human consciousness but the guy in charge of the project couldn’t figure it out. Then when his family dies he has to transfer their consciousness...and then he figures it out. Cool right!!Boss: I actually like that premise Intern...what else? Intern:...Wha-what else? Uhm,...

  • Ace Coordinator Mary

     5 months ago

    *sees intro* that escalated quickly.

  • Dale Stafford

     5 months ago

    @Ace Coordinator Mary I used to have movie pass but occasionally would have problems with it working. Now I have AMC A list and it's fantastic! I live near their world headquarters so we have a lot of nice theaters around here with 20 or more screens. And I definitely get my money's worth out of it! for twenty bucks a month including IMAX, 3D, Dolby and Prime you almost make it back after the first years.