The Girl in the Spider's Web - Movie Review

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 9, 2018
  • The sequel to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, with Claire Foy as Lisbeth Salander. Here's my review of THE GIRL IN THE SPIDER'S WEB!.....and here's me being nitpicky for a couple minutes. Whatever, enjoy!
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  • StormDoesGaming

     7 months ago

    If it makes you feel any better Jeremy, I actually did chuckle at your "Clair-foyance" joke..

  • B0neyKingofN0where

     6 months ago

    That was pun-tacular!

  • MilkPudding

     6 months ago

    "It's such a dad joke." AHHAHAHAa

  • Zorastorm 32

     7 months ago

    Doubt this had anything to do with Spider-Man.....

  • DarkZerol

     7 months ago

    RIP Stan Lee. 😇🌥️🕸️

  • Princess Small

     7 months ago

    Love it lol

  • Dormammu

     7 months ago

    So basically.... you're telling me.... to see Overlord? Gotcha.

  • Anything. Lucy

     5 months ago

    Dormammu also I’ve come to bargain

  • lajeandom poker

     7 months ago

    Saw Overlord and it was a fun ride from beginning to the end.

  • James Smith

     7 months ago

    That's a shame, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was great movie.

  • Nicholas Ward

     6 months ago

    When I saw it was based off the book not even made by Larsson that got mainly terrible reviews , I lost hope. No true sequel , no hope. No Fincher, no hope. No original cast, no hope.

  • Jamie Heeley

     7 months ago

    No Fincher, No Mara, No Craig....never gonna be as good

  • Charde Davis

     7 months ago

    The first few seconds Jeremy already pissed lmao I love it.

  • JV571

     7 months ago

    Overlord thumbnail - raises eyebrow like “are you ready?”TGitSW thumbnail - raises eyebrow like “are you serious?”

  • MostlyMoody

     7 months ago

    Girl with the Dragon Tattoo made tons of money, was critically acclaimed and viewers loved it. They had Fincher, Mara and Craig. They all were up for a sequel. Sony: Changes director, cast, tone. Skips two books directly into the books that were not written by the original author and make the movie 5 years late.Riddle me this Batman.

  • FilmGamer

     26 days ago

    Fincher hast no interest in a sequel

  • Delicious Talk

     1 months ago

    Exactly. Besides, Sony released Dragon Tattoo at Christmas. WTF?! 🤦

  • Hard Boiled Entertainment

     7 months ago

    So the reason they didn't keep the cast from the original IS...?

  • Brady Smith

     4 months ago

    Fractured/Image the first one made over $100 million domestically though. This made $14 lol

  • D

     7 months ago

    @actionvolcano Um except it's not written by Stieg Larsson, the original writer... so I wouldn't consider it part of the same series. They try to make it that, but it's not the vision the true creator had, which makes it a lot less valid in my eyes.

  • Caleb Lail

     7 months ago

    He has almost 1500 videos. We need to throw a party.

  • SuperNoone89

     7 months ago

    It's crazy that Jeremy "only" has 1.4 million subs too. I would have thought he's up there at 6 million or so.

  • Alex Lloyd

     7 months ago

    1000 subs per video.

  • Nexishadow

     7 months ago

    Claire Foy-ance!