We Put Leroy In a WIND TUNNEL! The Results Were HILARIOUS!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 8, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/1X35-bGWpEY


  • lazy troy

    lazy troy

     13 hours ago

    My school has one tunnel , and professor told us the cost of run it for 2 hours is 6,000cad 😅

  • NeoIsrafil



    Lmao... and you wonder why she wont go over 180.

    You need to raise that chute up... she needs body panels BADLY, if you can get at least the drivers compartment sealed off you'll gain 100 horsepower equivalent on the top end easy.

    Always wanted to see an RC plane in a wind tunnel, so thanks. Lol. Life goal achieved.

  • Bad Dealer

    Bad Dealer

     3 days ago

    That thing looks like a Pontiac Fiero. It just needs a T-top and a doors with a Bald Eagle on each door. 🇺🇸 🦅

  • Bad Dealer

    Bad Dealer

     3 days ago

    I think Leroys would have more drag efficiency if it ran in reverse.

  • Bad Dealer

    Bad Dealer

     3 days ago

    The only time wind noise in a YouTube video is acceptable is when you are filming in a wind tunnel.

  • Cash Browning

    Cash Browning

     4 days ago

    what about making body panels for the side right about the rear tire and top of the tank (edit).......going with the roll bar

  • BeatJumper 👽

    BeatJumper 👽

     5 days ago

    woah this came up in my recommended and i expected the video to be a few weeks old.
    How come you haven't done anything?

  • Fuolku


     5 days ago

    the wind tunnel is like my car audio 😉

  • Aloru El fantastico

    Aloru El fantastico

     7 days ago

    Clear body panels☝️a must💯

  • Wyvern


     7 days ago

    It's a brick.

  • stu Art

    stu Art

     7 days ago

    I'd be interested to know how much airflow running over the top of the car is swallowed by the turbos at full chat. Easy to see how the gtr beat you in the world Cup video if you need 500+ just to fight the air, everytime you hit the clutch the car practically stops!!



     7 days ago +1

    I like how the guys working the wind tunnel are true professionals while the team is being totally obnoxious and just clowning around 😂😂

  • The_truck guy and Car

    The_truck guy and Car

     7 days ago

    I want to what Monica and the stacker would do

  • MrSlowestD16


     7 days ago

    Wow, would love to see some improvements to aero on Leroy. When going so fast you can make big time jumps by these alterations. Think you need more test & tune time to figure out the worst aspects of Leroy's aero, then come up with some panels to clean that up a bit. Whatever the worst parts were, they didn't seem to be found here!

  • Amaroq Starwind

    Amaroq Starwind

     7 days ago +1

    You should test a Ground Effect car in that wind tunnel.

    Also, you should really consider using wheel covers and a front wing on Leroy. And really, just working to improve Leroy's aerodynamics in general.

  • joshua stelter

    joshua stelter

     7 days ago

    Man you do the coolest things brother

  • AJ Hartman Aero

    AJ Hartman Aero

     7 days ago

    This was cool! I just posted a video of being in the same tunnel with a BMW set up for road racing. We were in the 1.4 L/D range but were trying to make downforce. Pretty cool seeing these numbers for a car set up differently.

  • Alabastine


     7 days ago +1

    "Hey we're in the .6ses, not bad", well, it is bad. Really bad. Especially so for a car that only has to go fast in a straight line haha.

  • GEN2-X


     7 days ago

    You'd have a 6 sec car if you had a body on Leroy...lol

  • Jacob Dorn

    Jacob Dorn

     7 days ago

    guy who works there is obviously thinking this is a waste of time