Not really a real reel to reel?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 20, 2021
  • In 2004 you could buy this unique nostalgic novelty reel-to-reel, CD player combo. But is it just a novelty if it really works?

    00:00 Start
    01:40 Here it is
    04:59 Unboxing with a story
    06:01 First look
    07:06 Power on tests
    08:57 Getting the tape on
    12:46 Tape Tests
    17:50 Undercover secrets
    20:29 Inside the back
    22:36 A cassette experiment
    23:54 Audio demo
    24:53 Summing up
    27:55 Patreon credits

    Q) When you played the audio from the cassette was the wow and flutter due to a lack of back tension on the tape/friction against the tape shell/insert other thing here?
    A) Yes - This was only a basic demonstration to prove the tape in this machine has the same track configuration and plays at the same speed as a typical cassette tape. But of course it would do, after all it is just a cassette mech. Don't get hung up on how crappy this cassette demo sounds - it was just an experiment to prove specs - not sound quality. If you want to hear a demo of the sound quality...keep watching as there's a full section with a comparison against a CD.

    Q) Did you put the cover screws in wrong - I noticed one was sticking though to the back?
    A) Yep - I swapped them across later.

    I transposed two digits. The speakers are 8ohm 5W.

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